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Beautiful day on the river

May 5, 2017 - 7:12am -- karenp

Our class hit the jackpot in the weather lottery for our birding field trip! Jackets were optional yesterday morning as we arrived at the Boise River and met Miss Heidi and Miss Vicky. Due to the flooding, we couldn't band birds, but we saw vultures, flicker, heron, geese, seagulls, cowbirds, ravens, and other birds. We learned more about bird song and sonagrams, listened to bird song, and created our own sonagrams from environmental sounds. We even had a wren answer when Miss Heidi played wren song. Miss Heidi also showed us her trail cameras, and the kids got to see what kinds of wildlife ( and people!) use the area. What a fun way to spend a morning. :)

Bird Song Heroes

April 20, 2017 - 11:45am -- karenp

Miss Vicky's visit this month focused on bird song. We talked about the difference between songs and calls, listened to some different birds' songs, and talked about how the syrinx allows birds to make more than one noise at a time. The hit of the visit was the Bird Song Hero interactive on the All About Birds website. The kids were great at identifying which sonogram matched the correct bird's song! One student shared that he had heard two chickadees singing "cheeseburger" to each other in his neighborhood.

Amazing day on the Greenbelt

March 23, 2017 - 2:36pm -- karenp

Due to sharing a bus with another class, we had an hour to kill at Julia Davis Park before our Wednesday Boise Art Museum tour. Miss Vicky luckily had the morning free and was able to meet us at the park. Miss Vicky, my 27 students, and I strapped on our binoculars and hit the Greenbelt! We had been "on the road" for about two minutes when Miss Vicky heard a Cooper's Hawk. As we listened, we spotted it in a tree. Just as we saw it, it took off from the tree along with its mate AND a Great-horned Owl about which the hawks were not happy! The Cooper's Hawks chased the owl toward the Greenbelt, and we were able to see that the owl had something in its talons. We found all three birds in trees by the river. While all kids got great looks through their binoculars, the hawks dive-bombed the owl repeatedly as it sat in a tree! What a cool thing for the kids to see. I never see stuff like that when I'm on the Greenbelt---Miss Vicky must be a lucky charm! We also saw Wood Ducks, widgeon, and other waterfowl up close in the canal. The birding gods were smiling down on us!

Owl Pellet Extravaganza

February 21, 2017 - 4:38pm -- karenp

Miss Vicky was "in the house" at Trail Wind's Room 9 last week. The fourth graders got to see a live burrowing owl, dissect owl pellets, and hear different owl sounds through the website. These pellets had so many bones! Several pairs of kids had six skulls in their pellets, and many hip, leg, and other bones were also found. Most of the kids wanted to take the bones home to show their family members. The day after Vicky's visit, one of my students played a recording of an owl that she and her mom had heard while walking the dog the previous night. Perfect timing!


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