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What a flock!

October 19, 2017 - 7:54am -- michelleaxtell

Last week, the birds finally found our feeder. We saw about 20 birds at once all around it. Next, we checked out their field markings and we think they were mostly house finches. They like to stay in the bushes across the canal when we go outside. As soon as we go inside, they perch on the fence and feeders. Some stay on the ground and pick up seeds. A few of them like to chase other birds away from the feeders. When we tried to take a picture, most of them left. The birds must have been eating all weekend because the feeder was empty on Monday! We think they are migrating and getting ready for winter. 

Anticipating a Great Year of Birding

September 29, 2017 - 1:48pm -- michelleaxtell

Our class is very excited about bird watching. We filled our feeders last week, took our program pre-assessments, and watched a video about identifying birds. Next, Mr. Willadsen will visit and we'll talk about using field glasses. Now, if we could just spy some birds. The feeders just haven't been discovered yet!

News to Catch Up On

April 7, 2017 - 5:04pm -- michelleaxtell

We had a few great events in February and March that we need to catch up on writing about. First, our friend Monte came and shared the Golden Eagle named Slim with us and all of our second grade friends. We love learning about birds of prey and seeing them up close. It was awesome when Slim flew across the room. Another fun activity was playing migration games with Mr. Willadsen. We learned that some birds, like the Arctic tern actually migrate north in the winter. We also learned about the hazards birds face when migrating. Then we went to the Discovery Center for a field trip and learned about the ways in which dinosaur bones and bird bones are the same. Finally, even though the weather was mostly cold and wet, we still saw birds almost every day we went out watching at school.

Kestrel Eggs

April 7, 2017 - 10:26am -- michelleaxtell

Today we checked on our two American Kestrel nest boxes. There were no eggs in our front box. We were disappointed because chicks had hatched in that box for the past 3 years. Then we checked the box at the back of the building. There are 6 eggs in that box! This is good news because Starlings had layed their eggs in that box the past 2 years. We are looking forward to seeing the chicks hatch in a few weeks.


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