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Learning about the dangers of windows for birds

November 2, 2014 - 3:16pm -- Laura Crawford

To prepare for next week's visit from Kacey Kai from Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, my class his been reading articles on the dangers of windows for birds. They have learned why windows are a problem, what can be done to make windows safer, and what to do if they find an injured bird. They are excited to learn more from Kacey on Wednesday.

Students were excited to show off our feeders to parents

October 24, 2014 - 1:56pm -- Laura Crawford

The past two days have been parent teacher conferences at Lake Ridge. The students in my class were very eager to show off our feeders and birds to there parents. The sparrows, finches, and quail cooperated by showing up in large numbers.

Another high point of the week was when the school custodian came by to report that she had been out picking up trash along the fence line and counted 53 quail filing along the fence heading to our feeder. It is no wonder we ran out of quail and dove feed again this week, and I had to make a trip to get more seed. 

There have been several flickers flying near our school. While at the bird feeder store, I picked up a suit feeder. We going to experiment to see if we can draw them in closer to view.

On a sad note, we had a house sparrow run into the glass door near the feeders and die. Luckily, next month's topic from Kacey Kai, our facilitator from Deer Flat, is the dangers of glass windows for birds and how to decrease the number of bird deaths from colliding with glass.

Visit from Kacey Kai and Susan Kain from Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

October 16, 2014 - 8:08pm -- Laura Crawford

Yesterday Kacey Kai and Susan Kain, our Bird by Bird facilitators from Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, came to visit our class. They shared with the students how to use their available tools when birding. Students were trained on how to use the binoculars, bird books, and the E-flier to help identify bird species. Thank you, Kacey and Susan for your visit. The class is already looking forward to next month's visit.

World War III has began!!!!!

October 7, 2014 - 1:59pm -- Laura Crawford

World War III is already in action. The sparrows also have allies, the quail, and have been sending ambushes. The finches and juncos have responded with a rock dove or a pigeon. The Allies have also allies with the rock doves and are using them as guards. The sparrows and quail didn't come close to the feeders or the birdbath. I think that the Allies are winning the fight and we think that the gold finch might have allied with their cousins but when I saw it what looked like a gold finch it turned out that it wasn't one but we think we have seen some flying. The most suprising piece of information was the rock dove as a guard. I am still betting on the Allies and but I also think that this war might end up in an agreement to share the bird feeder so then there might be peace among the birds but so far the war is still raging on. This is breaking news, and this is your bird reporter Seth signing out.    


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Laura Crawford, Grade 5
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