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"You Don't See Something Like That Very Often"

December 2, 2016 - 3:12pm -- adale

Talk about being in the right place at the right time...yesterday the school bell rang and everyone was on their way to their cars or to the buses. Coincidently if you go out the front door you have to walk right by the ornithology classes bird feeders. Not an accident on our part. I just walked out the door and it happened to be hailing right at the moment but the sun was shining. It was the kind of hail that stung when it hits you but was the kind that makes you hold up for a minute before you realize it is light and it won't hurt if it hits you. So I glanced out and saw that all the birds in the are were flying. There is a dairy across the street so there is always a lot of doves, pigeons, house sparrows, house finches and starlings over there. I mentioned to the teacher next to me and no one else in particular; "wow look at all the bir...whoa there is a Peregrine Falcon. At this point I was really excited but my voice was in normal decibal levels but then I saw what was happening and the decibal level and excited level went off the chart. I yelled THAT PEREGRINE JUST CAUGHT A PIGEON, DID YOU SEE THAT! LOOK IT'S CARRYING IT AWAY. LOOK AT THAT PEREGRINE CARRYING THE PIGEON IT JUST CAUGHT. I looked to my left and there is Joe from first period, he smiled really big and said in a normal tone, "wow, you don't see something like that every day" It is such a privaledge to teach at Kuna High School where you can walk out the door and see nature happen right in front of you.

Oh My Goodness

November 3, 2016 - 1:37pm -- adale

I know I just post a few minutes ago but something just happened that I had to share. One of my ornithology study just came bursting into my room and yelled "Mr. Dale come quick, there is a hawk feeding on a bird right outside of Miss Wards room". I ran down there with here to see an immature male Cooper's Hawk plucking and feeding on a pigeon. I'm not sure which was better, seeing the Cooper's hawk feeding or listening to Katelynd running up and down the hall tell people about it. It's a great day to love birds!

Great Field Trip

November 3, 2016 - 11:56am -- adale

On October 24 and 25th we took a field trip along Swan Falls road heading toward the Birds of Prey area. We stopped at the Kuna water treatment ponds to see what might be there and we saw a few ducks but not a big variety or a lot. I was surprised. We kept going down the road and saw a lot of perched Red Tailed Hawks and were able to get good looks at them with our scopes. They even got to the point where they were calling out, "There's another Red Tail Mr. Dale". On our was back to the school as we were going by the Kuna water treatment poinds we saw clouds of ducks landing on the water. We walking up and saw what I was hoping to see when we stop the first time. Lots of ducks, mergansers and even a Dunlin and a Long Billed Dowicher. It was exciting because the students were throwing out suggestions for possible identification on those two. They are doing well on daily ID quizzes and really well on using their field guides. 

A Previously Endangered Visitor

October 12, 2016 - 12:37pm -- adale

Yesterday we went on a short field trip around the school to see what was feeding at our feeder and we were very happy to see three species that we haven't seen yest this year. The feeder has really brought in a lot of house finches. It was fun to see a species that is so common and yet students say "I never seen that bird before". I remember saying the same thing when I took ornithology in college about thirty years ago. We also saw a lesser goldfinch and an immature white crowned sparrow. As we walked across the band practice field someone yelled "hey what is that?" Across the street there was a Perigrine Falcon flying through the dairy trying to gain some altitude. It didn't really look interested in hunting though. How exciting to see a species that was on the brink of extinction and was brought back right here in this area. The students really were impressed and it was a lot of fun watching it and speculating what it was doing.


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Allen Dale, Grade 10
Kuna, Idaho USA


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