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Diversity and Adaptations

December 15, 2015 - 11:20am -- HighlandsFranz

During Mrs.Urbans visit we learned really cool facts about diversity and adaptations! 

  • Chickens are the closest genetically to dinosaurs
  • The most common claw form is three in front and one in back
  • Hummingbirds have two claws in front and two in back
  • Bird's food helps with pigment of skin and feathers 
  • There are different beak formms for certain times of food

Tagging Birds

October 28, 2015 - 11:41am -- HighlandsFranz

We had so much fun learning about the way you tag birds with Miss. Heidi and her volunteers! It was so cool watching them tag the birds. We learned about the safe ways to hold a bird, the bird catching nets, how to release a bird, and many more cool things.

Mrs. Urban's Visit

October 8, 2015 - 11:09am -- HighlandsFranz

Having Mrs. Urban into our classroom was such a treat! We learned so much like what makes certain birds special or where birds like to be in Boise. Here are some things we learned:

  • Red-Breasted Nuthatches crawl up and down trees.
  • The Mallard is Boise's most common duck.
  • Woodpeckers love making lots of noise.
  • Houses sparrows are mean to other birds.
  • Mourning doves are abundant here in Boise.
  • American Goldfinches molt two times a year.
  • There are 900 species of birds in the U.S and Idaho has 400 of those.

We can't wait to learnn more!

Passenger Pigeon Origami

October 22, 2014 - 2:52pm -- lizurban


It was great to meet this year's Highlands 6th great class during our first Bird by Bird visit.  Dane Stevens, from Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, and I introduced the program and covered the 25 bird species the students are most likely to see at school.  I was very impressed that the class already had a great grasp of many of the birds!  I know this will be a great year!

To add a little fun to the first visit, I also introduced the Passenger Pigeon Origami Project by Fold the Flock to the class.  This fun art project is a great way to bring awareness of the Passenger Pigeon species to kids and adults alike.  The Passenger Pigeon, thought to once have been the most populous bird species on the planet, went extinct 100 years ago.  To commemorate the loss of this species the project asks people to fold origami pigeons to recreate the massive flocks that once blotted out the sun as they passed.  Looking today, over 1,004,000 have been contributed and Highlands contributed about 50 of those.  Thanks for participating!

Check out http://foldtheflock.org for more information or to download the free oragami template and add to the flock.


Liz Urban, Golden Eagle Audubon Society




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