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Spring is Here!!!!

March 14, 2018 - 2:45pm -- HighlandsFranz

Hello! It is Paige, Grace, and JANE! That's right us AGAIN! When Mrs. Urban visted us on Monday, March 12th, she talked to us about birds in the spring. She told us about the different ways that birds find their mate and make/find their nests. To find a mate, birds will sing, dance, and we learned abou the Manakin bird which, dances and slides along a branch like Micheal Jackson. We also learned about the Lyrebird can imitate sounds that he has heard from other birds and also machines. We also learned about egg adaptions and baby birds. We all now know what to do if we see a young bird out of it's nest. What would you do if you saw a tiny little bird out of it's nest? 

Thanks, and have a birdalicious day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs.Urbans Migration visit!!!

February 2, 2018 - 2:28pm -- HighlandsFranz

Hello! This is Paige and Grace! Mrs.Urban migrated to our classroom on Monday! She taught us about how birds migrate. We learned that not all birds migrate and some only partially migrate. Sometimes, when birds migrate, they have difficult weather that can blow them to the shore. There are several other obstacles that these birds have to go through like storms, finding food and other predators. They also have ts deal with going back the their home finding it replaced with a parking lot, a building, or other type of developement. After learning about all these birds we  played a migration game. We had to go through several obstacles and most of them were pretty challenging! Thanks and have a birdalicious day!!!!!

The Hawk

December 20, 2017 - 11:37am -- HighlandsFranz

Hi! It's Grace, Paige, and Jane again! Just yesterday we had an exciting visit from a couple of quails and a hawk. We were in the middle of a lesson when we heard BANG! At first no one new what kind of birds they were and why three of them hit the window. We looked at the bird feeder and saw a big hawk. We had to determine what kind of hawk it was and we all agreed that is was the Copper's Hawk. Mr.Franz, our  teacher realised that they were quail. After that hawk, there were no birds in sight. In conclusion, our scientific hypothosis is that once the small birds saw the hawk, the left for the day. I know that because today, we have many birds outside. Thank you! Have a birdilicious day!

Mrs.Urban's Visit

December 13, 2017 - 2:46pm -- HighlandsFranz

Hi, this is Grace, Paige and Jane. On December 11th, we had a visit from Mrs. Urban. She presented how birds survive in the winter. One thing that keeps the birds warm is that all birds are endothermic, which means they maintain their tempature internally. Another way that most birds keep themself warm is puff up their feathers and then put one leg up to their feathers. Some people get alarmed when they see these "one legged birds". Another time when people get alarmed is when they see 10 legs instead of two! This happens because little babies want to get in their mom's fluff of the feathers. At the end, our class created pine cone bird feeders that had a layer of Crisco and an assortment of seeds. We always look forward to having Mrs.Urban visit our classroom! Have a birdilicious day!


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