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Bird Walk

May 11, 2015 - 3:19pm -- mirandap

Today our First Grade birders took a bird walk around the Crimson Point subdivision. We noticed that our bird feeders did not have any birds eating. We decided to wait quietly and see if any birds would join us. After a few minutes we saw some birds fly towards the trees and bushes near the feeders. We were all so excited that we scared most of the birds away after a few minutes. Our birders are getting better at identifying the House Finch. After we successfully startled all the birds from the feeders we walked along the side road to our school that leads to a field. There we paused along the side walk to observe birds in trees. We saw a Mourning Dove fly right over our heads! Birders were also able to see many House Sparrows and more House Finches.

Love Birds - February

May 11, 2015 - 3:18pm -- mirandap
For our February Bird by Bird lesson, Ms. Barb came in and talked about mating habits of different birds. Students were able to see that usually it was the male bird trying to get the attention of the female bird. Ms. Barb was brave and asked first graders, "What kind of things did your dad do to win your mom's affection?" I was ready to respond with, "School friendly answers please!" However, I did not need to worry. They had great answers! One student replied, "My dad had to take my mom out to dinner and pay for it." Another student said, "My dad use to take my mom to the movies, but then they had kids." Ms. Barb showed the first graders that the male bird has to find the perfect home to build a nest, and that sometimes he does silly dances to get the females attention. Ms. Barb also told the students that sometimes birds make special sounds to attract the female. The following week, I showed the students how cranes dance to get a females attention and then we all tried dancing like a crane for a brain break. 


Missing Posts!

May 11, 2015 - 2:58pm -- mirandap

Apparently my February, March, and April Posts did not attach (or I forgot to add them to this website instead of just my school website). So, I am hoping that this post will attach, and I will add the missing posts along with our class Killdeer story and learning moment. 

Scaring the Birds!

January 30, 2015 - 3:11pm -- mirandap

Today our 1st Grade Birders learned just how quickly we can scare the birds with loud talking and quick movements. 

When we started our observations this afternoon, it was quiet outside and the 2nd graders had just gone in from recess. We sat in our groups with our binoculars and bird books ready. When the birds started showing up, every birder was so excited. They did a great job looking birds up and finding distinguishing marks and colors. Birders were using great descriptions!

We heard:

"I know that bird is a a House Finch because I see the red on his crown, just like in the pictures."

"Do you see the black and white stripes across the tail, and the yellow breast?"  "Yeah! It has to be the American Goldfinch!"

It seems our lesson last week with Ms. Barb really payed off. Every birder has enriched their vocabulary and enjoyed putting these new words to use to help identify the birds at our feeders. 

As we were finishing up our observation, I asked the class if they enjoyed being outside looking at birds today. They were so enthousiastic, jumping up and saying YES, that the birds just took off from the feeders. The little birders followed up with a quick... "I guess we scared the birds!"


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