Walking Field Trip: Bird Watching! By Svea & Molly

Walking Field Trip: Bird Watching! By Svea & Molly

December 1, 2017 - 2:33pm -- Brianwhitney

By Svea and Molly

Have you ever been birdwatching? If you have, I bet you saw a bunch of birds like we did! Our fourth grade students got the opportunity to go bird watching with Mr. Evans from the Peregrine Fund. It was awesome! He taught us how to use our binoculars to find birds. We walked along Dry Creek and looked for birds. One of the birds we saw was a Mourning Dove. It was in Hidden Springs Idaho by the creek on the top of the tree.

Another bird we saw was a really pretty House Sparrow flying everywhere, it was super cool. It was flying around me and then landed on a tree branch. It was fun to look at it through our binoculars.

One other bird we saw was a humongous Red Tailed Hawk in Hidden Springs Boise Idaho. It was on a tree branch and it was amazing to look at. We also saw it flying all over the sky! We learned that there are many different types of hawks.

While on our walking field trip, we saw over 13 different types of birds. After I went birdwatching I saw a bunch of birds and I hope if you go birdwatching you will too!



Brian Whitney, Grade 4
Boise, Idaho USA
Latitude: 43.725
Longitude: -116.257

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