A Visit From Mr. Evans by Grace & Leya

A Visit From Mr. Evans by Grace & Leya

September 29, 2017 - 11:53am -- Brianwhitney

Hi this is Grace and Leya. We are in fourth grade at Hidden Springs Elementary. Last Tuesday, Mr. Evans from the Peregrine Fund came to Hidden Springs Elementary. He taught us about birds and habitats. Mr. Evans taught us that if a House Sparrow is in a habitat it does not really give us any good clues about how healthy the habitat is because a House Sparrow can either live in a bad habitat or good habitat. If you see a Dark Eyed Junco it means it is a decent habitat. If a Sage Sparrow is in a habitat it means it's a really good habitat.

He also taught us what words to use to describe birds’ body parts. This will help us identify what certain types of birds look like so we could identify them without just saying, “Look at that bird with blue on it”.

We're excited for other visits from Mr. Evans and now we know how to identify a bird and see if it’s in a good habitat.

Brian Whitney, Grade 4
Boise, Idaho USA

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