Visit from Fiona and Vicky Runnoe!

Visit from Fiona and Vicky Runnoe!

November 4, 2016 - 10:40am -- kgnojewski

This week Vicky Runnoe visited our classroom with Fiona, an American kestrel.  The students learned more about the unique and fascinating characteristics that distinguish birds from other animals.  Thank you so much Vicky!  

Our feeders have been very busy with both American and lesser goldfinches.  The students are getting very adept at recognizing the differences between these two species.  We continue to see dark-eyed juncos and a song sparrow has taken to hanging out just outside our classroom windows in the junipers.  Other birds around the campus include a northern flicker, black-billed magpie and many American crows.  The magpie even appeared to a band on his/her leg.  Anyone know who may have banded it?



Kristin Gnojewski, Grade 8
Boise, Idaho USA
Latitude: 43.6126
Longitude: -116.209

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