Those Stealing Birds

Those Stealing Birds

September 12, 2017 - 1:17pm -- adale

I have commented several times about how nice it is to be able to teach about birds at Kuna High School. It being a rural school like it is increases the chance of seeing some really fun and amazing things. Like all other schools though sometimes we witness crimes. What kind of crimes you ask, STEALING! Yesterday we started out on a field trip to the hay field across the street. We were are at our staging area right in front of the school when it happened. Up in the sky a student noticed a Swainson's Hawk it was in a stoop with it wings folded and diving at a 45 degree angle to the hay field we were going to go to. BAMB! It hit the ground, through its wings out and started flapping to gain some altitude. Just as it got up we could see it had caught a large vole, and then it happened. Another Swainson's Hawk flew in from the side, it rolled onto its back and flew in from underneath the one carrying the vole AND GRABBED IT! It stole the vole from the talons of the first Swainson's Hawk and made its escape. Leaving the first bird to go hungry. It flew over and landed on a hay bail and chowed down on its ill gotten gain. I set a scope up on it and we were able to get some great looks at an immature Swainson's Hawk. Once again, thank you B3 for some great optics for students to make really cool observations with. One student said this bird was now at the top of his top ten birds. I asked how many he had in his top ten and he said, "this is my first one but its a great one"

Allen Dale, Grade 10
Kuna, Idaho USA

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