Spring is Here!!!!

Spring is Here!!!!

March 14, 2018 - 2:45pm -- HighlandsFranz

Hello! It is Paige, Grace, and JANE! That's right us AGAIN! When Mrs. Urban visted us on Monday, March 12th, she talked to us about birds in the spring. She told us about the different ways that birds find their mate and make/find their nests. To find a mate, birds will sing, dance, and we learned abou the Manakin bird which, dances and slides along a branch like Micheal Jackson. We also learned about the Lyrebird can imitate sounds that he has heard from other birds and also machines. We also learned about egg adaptions and baby birds. We all now know what to do if we see a young bird out of it's nest. What would you do if you saw a tiny little bird out of it's nest? 

Thanks, and have a birdalicious day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sid Franz, Grade 6
Boise, Idaho USA
Latitude: 43.6502
Longitude: -116.195

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