The Snow-pocalypse and Birding

The Snow-pocalypse and Birding

January 24, 2017 - 3:56pm -- helenfisher

We all now how the Boise Valley snow affected school days, but the birds keep coming, even when the food runs low and the snow covers the ground-feeder.  American goldfinch seem to have replaced our hoards of lesser goldfinch.  Dark-eyed juncos are now frequent and numerous visitors.  The juncos will dig beneath shallow snow to find buried seeds, and the doves quarrel over freshly spread seed.  The first signs of territorial behavior is happening among the doves.  Although the mourning doves are more numerous, the Eurasian collared doves thrust out their chests and throw their larger size around.  Surprisingly the house finches are fewer these days, perhaps because the sunflower feeders have run out first on snow days.  A large flock of robins move in the neighboring trees past our windows, geese fly overhead, and bird life is ever present despite the extreme cold and snowy conditions!  

Helen Fisher, Grade 5
Boise, Idaho USA

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