A Slow Start at Liberty

A Slow Start at Liberty

October 1, 2017 - 2:42pm -- amber.armstrong

We have moved classrooms at Liberty and, with that, we've decided to move our bird feeders.  The last few years our bird feeders have been at the back of the school near our small school garden; we couldn't see them from our classroom and they sustained some vandalism and destruction over the years.  Our new classroom is right near the front of the school and, from our cubby room, we spied a great new spot right out our door.  It's a small area and we are going to create a pollinator garden there to attract even more birds and insects.  We are sure this will be a better location, especially if we improve the area.  We have a school duck that nests right near here every year and we've often seen her walk all the way around the school to get to the ground feeder.  We also have quite a few swallows and other small songbirds that fly around the bushes.  Upper Montessori helped us out by tilling the soil and the district brought in some topsoil and mulch.  With the ground prepped, the feeders should get placed in next week.  We are so excited to observe our feeders from our cubby room!  (we're also hoping to put our bird cam in the cubby room to see what else comes around).  Miss Ally and Miss Kristin came by earlier this month to check out our new feeder site and help us with garden plans.  We are all excited!

Amber Armstrong & Amy Silver, Grade 2
Boise, Idaho USA

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