Second Field Trip

Second Field Trip

September 2, 2017 - 3:16pm -- adale

On our second field trip of the new year last Thursday we were able to see a couple of very cool sightings. First, we were just leaving the build and a Red Tailed hawk flew right over our heads about fifty feet above us. It was a great look and if that wasn't enough it flew around the building and lit in some trees right across the road. I was able to put a spotting scope on it and all thirty one students got a great close up of a mature Red Tailed Hawk. The other sighting was just a bunch of very common Eurasian Ring Necked Doves that were feeding on the ground by the dairy across the street from the school. A couple of students said, "hey Mr. Dale that one looks kind of white". When I saw it I got really excited because it was not all white but had white sploches all over. So it is still really early in the semester but we found a leucistic dove. I'll talk about this later in the semester but we were treated with an excellent teachable moment, a moment we could not have had being couped up in the classroom. We are going to have a great bird year!

Allen Dale, Grade 10
Kuna, Idaho USA

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