Owl Visit!

Owl Visit!

October 25, 2017 - 2:27pm -- Joni Brooks

Riverside Firsties were visited by Ms. Vicky!  She brought a friend, the MK Nature Center's Burrowing Owl, Hoots!  The kids really loved seeing the bird and wrote an opinion piece of why they thought the Burrowing Owl was or wasn't the best owl.  I will use this as part of their writing evidence to support our new report card!   Also, our Donor's Choose Project was funded in 10 minutes!  We now have a class set of the little green "Idaho Birds" books!  My students look at them all the time and we have many activities where they use the books!  We also went on our first greenbelt river walk.  It was a short walk, but we saw Gold Finches, House Finches, House Sparrows, a Mallard Duck, and we heard a Belted King Fisher.  What a great birding month!

Joni Brooks, Grade 1
Boise, Idaho USA

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