Ollie & Nesting! By Maryn, Elliemae and Veda

Ollie & Nesting! By Maryn, Elliemae and Veda

April 3, 2018 - 3:07pm -- Brianwhitney

By Maryn, Elliemae ,and Veda


Last week, Mr.Evan’s visited Hidden Springs Elementary and he brought Ollie the Milky Eagle-Owl to our school. The Milky eagle-Own is from Africa. Ollie is nine weeks old. When Mr. Evans was here he feed Ollie quail...dead quail! Ollie appeared to really enjoy the qual.

Next, Mr.Evans talked about how birds nest and that birds really don’t live in nests, they just lay their  eggs in the nest. Birds actually live in idents on cliff sides, holes in trees, inside cacti, and sometimes just on the ground surrounded by tall grass. Birds do not need to sleep in a nest. When birds rest it is called roosting.

So, as you can see, Mr. Evans taught us a lot of things. We can’t wait for our next B3 adventure!

Brian Whitney, Grade 4
Boise, Idaho USA
Latitude: 43.725
Longitude: -116.257

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