Mrs.Urban's Visit

Mrs.Urban's Visit

September 19, 2017 - 2:45pm -- HighlandsFranz

Hi, this is Jane and Grace and last Wednesday Mrs.Urban came to Mr. Franz’s class at Highlands Elementary to talk to us about birds. She taught us about different types of birds and their adaptations. One type of bird was called a California quail that has a top-knot. Another type of bird is called a House Finch. A house finch is brown and white with streaks. Also, there’s a bird called the Red-Winged Black Bird. A Red-Winged BlackBird comes to the feeders in the winter time. One of our favorites that Mrs.Urban talked about is called the Anna’s Hummingbird which are beautiful because they have a purple head. They are also bred in Baja, California.

While Mrs.Urban came to visit our classroom, she talked to us about when and how birds migrate south in the winter. She also told us about how birds lose their feathers and they grow back new ones that keep themselves warm for the winter. Different bird species eat different types of foods. Like the American Goldfinch loves thistle seed. The Black-Capped Chickadees eats seeds and bugs and they also make a unique sound that sound like they are saying chick-a-dee. We learned a lot during Mrs.Urban’s visit to our classroom and we our excited to learn more about birds this year!

Sid Franz, Grade 6
Boise, Idaho USA

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