October 9, 2017 - 1:25pm -- Mrs. Brunmeier

Merlin, a great horned owl owned by Morlee Nelson Birds of Prey Center, visited our class Friday along with Jared, his handler. Merlin is a bird that was rescued by the BLM officers after he was hit by a car. Due to his car accident he his right wing was damaged, preventing him from flying far. He lives in a shed with access to the outdoor environment, perches, and food. He is a very grumpy old bird. He sleeps or rests during the day and flys around crazy-like at night.  In class he hooted at our class and was very grumpy. He tried to fly around the classroom, but was attached to jared's glove or his perch. We really enjoyed seeing a new live bird in the classroom instead of the stuffed birds.

Jamie Brunmeier, Grade 8
Caldwell, Idaho USA

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