March Madness

March Madness

April 9, 2017 - 4:12pm -- amber.armstrong

We had a very busy month of March.  Ms. Ally and Ms. Kristin came in to tell us all about nests.  We then got to go outside and make our own nests.  Check out the pictures below!  We definitely found out how difficult it is and we have hands and opposable thumbs, not a beak!  


We also had Heather from the Intermountain Bird Observatory come out and tell us all about curlews.  We sure love those long-beaked birds!  We have been looking up their names, reading more about the ones they are tracking, and watching the trackers on the interactive map.  We got to email Heather when we saw that some of the curlews were headed back to Idaho!  She said they have now seen some of them and have observed mating and nesting behaviors!  So exciting :)  We submitted some names for the curlew naming contest so fingers crossed!  Check out pictures below!


We also went on a field trip to the Boise Watershed where we saw more birds!  We got to walk to the Boise River, where it wasn't flooding as badly as it is now.  They gave us great tips on using binoculars and it made it so much easier.  On our walk down to the river, we spotted a Swainson's hawk, Canada geese, killdeer, American crows, and a few other birds.  We learned that the largest Great Blue Heron rookery is located here with over 90 nests; the other one is just down the street from our school and we ususally get to walk there and see them too!  We learned that a pair of Bald Eagles used to nest on the other side of the river by the Watershed and that the tree with their nest fell down this past winter due to the big snows.  Now, the Bald Eagles have moved over to the side near the rookery and they are waiting to see what happens.  They definitely haven't seen as many Great Blue Herons this year due to the Bald Eagles moving in.  We saw Northern Flickers, Great Blue Herons, and Mallard Ducks.  We were then so excited to see the Bald Eagle and the Great Blue Heron sort of face off about 40 feet from each other up in the tree tops.  The Bald Eagle prevailed and the Great Blue Heron flew off and circled for about 5 minutes before flying away.  Wow!  Lucky us!  (we were glad to see the Bald Eagle win since that's our school mascot!)


Amber Armstrong & Amy Silver, Grade 2
Boise, Idaho USA

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