The Great Migration - Watch Out for Cats!

The Great Migration - Watch Out for Cats!

February 3, 2016 - 11:04am -- mirandap

Mrs. Barb came in to class on January 22nd, and presented all about migration. Students were able to understand that birds migrate to follow food, and for better weather. These little birders were very impressed to learn about the Arctic Tern that travels 13,000 miles! Students were also able to relate our beginning of the year field trip to the importance of migration by discussing how Heidi blew on the bellies of all the birds to check how much fat they had for their journey. 

While playing The Great Migration Challenge, students enjoyed being banded and traveling around our room learning about different obsticles that birds face while migrating. 

We didn't have a whole lot of time to review the game, so Mrs. Barb was nice enough to let us keep it for a little while. We played the game again the following week after trying to monitor our bird feeders. When we discussed the many different obsticles students were so excited to share if they made it to the end, or if they died. Many students were caught by cats and that made them feel frustrated. They said that they were going to make sure that their cats never went outside! 

When it came to monitoring our bird feeder for our monthly bird  count, we were so disappointed to see only 3 House Sparrows hiding in a bush near the feeders. We decided that birds must not like braving cold, windy, rainy days!

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