Feathers and Bird Walking (January and February)

Feathers and Bird Walking (January and February)

February 28, 2018 - 6:21pm -- amber.armstrong

It's been six months, and we still have yet to see a bird at our birdfeeders.  The ground is still frozen so we haven't been able to move them to a more desirable location yet.  Today, we did spy one lone dark-eyed junco under a bush NEAR our feeders.  We're hoping it goes to tell all its friends about the awesome buffet we've set up!  Fingers crossed....

Ms. Ally and Ms. Kristin came this month to show and tell us more about bird feathers, both their anatomy and their uses.  We got to look at feathers under a microscope too.  That was super cool!  

We did begin going on twice monthly bird patrols around our school.  On our first excursion, we patrolled the perimeter of our fence.  We used our field guides, binoculars, and Merlin Bird ID app to help us identify birds we saw or heard.  One backyard had quite the flock of birds flying back and forth from bushes to a small pond.  We had a hard time identifying these birds because they didn't stay still for long.  We did hear quite a few house sparrows in another row of bushes and saw two female California quail and one male.  We saw one large American crow up in the top of a tree.  We believe we saw dark-eyed juncos and a few others we couldn't identify.

Amber Armstrong & Amy Silver, Grade 2
Boise, Idaho USA
Latitude: 43.569
Longitude: -116.162

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