Birds of Prey Field Trip by Addie and Madeline

Birds of Prey Field Trip by Addie and Madeline

February 20, 2018 - 2:30pm -- Brianwhitney

By Madeline & Addie

We took a field trip to the World Center for Birds of Prey! First, Mr. evans showed us a kestrel falcon. Mr.Evans was making her do tricks. The kestrel’s name is Penny. Penny was flying all over the room and she was eating a mouse. Sadly penny had to leave. Then we went into groups and we got to see some other types of birds. First, we got to  see the outdoor birds including a bald eagle, turkey vulture, gyrfalcon, and california condor. Next, we  went inside and we got to learn about different types of eggs from birds, where different birds live, and how to look at the world around us like scientists.


We all had a really good time there.We went home having learned a lot about different kind of birds.  We are very thankful to all the volunteers who helped make this such a good field trip!         

Brian Whitney, Grade 4
Boise, Idaho USA
Latitude: 43.725
Longitude: -116.257

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