Birdfeeders + bugs = cool science!

Birdfeeders + bugs = cool science!

December 6, 2017 - 4:25pm -- karenp

So a couple weeks ago, I finally took down the hummingbird feeder from the outdoor classroom. Inside was a big clump of bugs that had crawled in the feeder holes trying to get the sugar water. After locating the ever-elusive dissecting microscopes that Trail Wind owns, I put a couple of the ants under the scopes and let the kids check them out. They were fascinated! Some students noticed that there were also a couple of bees in the bug clump. The next day, we had bees under the microscopes. We could see compound eyes, stingers, wing patterns, and spiky "hairs on the bees' bodies. Pretty cool!

Karen Palazzolo, Grade 5
Boise, Idaho USA

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