Bird by Bird Poems

Bird by Bird Poems

May 25, 2016 - 4:01pm -- mirandap

For the month of May, my students were asked to become an expert on a bird of their choice. They went home and learned all they could about their bird with their families help. When they came in to school on May 9th, as experts and with a graphic organizer ready, we began our poetry unit. Students learned about Color Poems, 5 Senses Poems, Acrostic Poems, Haikus, Cinquains, and Free Verse Poems. They wrote a poem about their bird using each kind of poem, then shared all of their poems with a small group. We then thought about which poem best captured our bird and what we would like other people to know or learn about our bird from our poem. We also thought about which poem was their favorite and what made it their favorite. Students then made a final draft, that I would type up, and drew a picture of their bird. 

After I typed up their poems, we practiced reading and rereading their poem in a small group. Students then presented their bird poem in small groups to a 3rd grade class at our school that just finished a Birds of Prey unit. It was amazing to watch and listen as the 3rd graders learned more about birds, and watched as my proud 1st graders read their poems. It was a great experience and everyone was engaged and listening!

I then collected each student's final copy of their poem and their picture and created a class Bird by Bird Poetry Book. I made a copy for each student, and bound it into a class book. They were very excited to take them home and share our class book with their family!

Thank you Bird by Bird for helping me to expand my teaching to incorporate Science and Writing in a unique way that I might not have thought of previously. I am very proud of the hard work my students put into their writing.

Miranda Podolsky

*If you are interested in seeing a copy of my class poetry book, please email me. 

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