Billions of Quail at our Feeder

Billions of Quail at our Feeder

December 14, 2017 - 11:45am -- Laura Crawford

  On December 13, 2017 I was looking at our bird feeders and guess what I saw? I saw about 50 quails trying to force themselves into the center of all the quail to get some of our ground feed. It was an amazing sight. I was so excited to see the quails. I love quails, so I threw some ground feed into our garden and quickly shut the door so that  I wouldn’t scare them.  Then moments later more than half the quail were in the garden right in front of me. I was so happy I had a perfect view to take a picture.  So I took my iPad and took a picture. I hope you enjoy looking at the picture of all the beautiful quail and I hope that you will begin to learn about quails and try to identify any if you ever see any. Also I challenge you to buy some bird feeders to help feed all of the beautiful birds there are and to learn what types of birds there are in our community.

Laura Crawford, Grade 5
Nampa, Idaho USA

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