Aplomado Falcon!

Aplomado Falcon!

December 21, 2016 - 11:55am -- Brianwhitney

By Jack & Faith (4th Grade)

Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to be vistied by two very special guests. We were visited by Mr. Evans from the Peregrine Fund (he works at the World Center for Birds of Prey) and Aplomado Falcon named Rosa.

Rosa is a very pretty bird! The color of her feathers are black and light brown. The pattern on her body and face is striped.

All raptors  have adaptations that help them survive. Let's talk about Rosa's. One of Rosa's adaptations is her beak. It is curved. This helps her because she can rip up her prey so it is easier to eat. She also has some black under her eyes (all falcons have this). This helps her because the black absorbs the sunlight so she can see when hunting and the sun shines on her face. There are many more adaptations that we havn't listed.

Mr. Evans is a bird watcher who works for birds of prey. He has been very kind by helping us understand birds. With his help we now understand more about how birds survive.

We thank Mr. Evans and everyone else that has made this happen. We are having so much fun learning about birds! Stay tuned for more information next time!



Brian Whitney, Grade 4
Boise, Idaho USA

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