1st Grade Bird Walk! ...(Late Post)

1st Grade Bird Walk! ...(Late Post)

December 28, 2017 - 10:02pm -- Joni Brooks

Riverside first graders took a bird walk on the greenbelt on Dec. 20th!  It was COLD, but the students were so excited to get out of the classroom and look for birds.  We received more pairs of binoculars and everyone had a pair to observe birds! Thanks Ms. D.!!  We heard a Belted Kingfisher and then saw him!  We walked down to see the Mute Swans.  Students recognized geese, ducks, and song birds.  I was excited when they didn't know a specific bird they were happy to try and find it in their Idaho Field Guides.  We identified every bird we saw!  

We have also made a connection with a 6th grade class at Riverside.  Their classroom windows face our feeders.  The teacher came to me asking questions about the little yellow birds they were seeing and her students were interested in learning about the birds on the feeders.  We now have 6th grade BIRD BUDDIES!!!  The first graders learn about a bird all week long, then when we have our bird buddy time, we teach our 6th grader.. This is such a fun time, and I love sharing our bird knowledge with our school community!  Hooray for birding!  

Joni Brooks, Grade 1
Boise, Idaho USA

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