Requirements to participate


  School principals approve participation.

•    An area for bird observation and feeding at the school must be available.

•    Teachers must attend an orientation at the beginning of the school year and a
     close-out/equipment return at the end of the year.

•    The primary care-takers of the birds are students, who feed and water the birds, and 
     also care for the equipment. Schools are responsible for all equipment and books.

•    Schools use "Flying Wild" program curriculum for classroom projects.

•    Students observe, collect and record data (on-site data collecting, or e-Bird) to help
     understand and track birds, their migrations, and behavior.

•    Teachers and students design and implement their own unique program at their

•    High schools students add a mentoring component to their requirement, devote time
     as a community service contribution, or do an advanced-level project, study,
     internship, presentation, or paper.

•    Teachers record observations about student behavior throughout the year: attention
     span, social interaction, observation skills, physical activity, independent thought,
     creativity, and teamwork.

•    All teachers and students are required to submit reports at the end of year.