Recent Updates

Riverside has been up and birding!!

The 1st graders are so exctied to learn more about birds.  We've only seen on female Mallard at our ground feeder and a squirrel draining seed feeder!  We will soon go on our first field trip to band some birds.  We took our pretest and we are now learning what exactly is a bird??  We will start our interactive bird notebooks on Tuesday.  Looking forward to another great year of birding with kids!

Second Field Trip

On our second field trip of the new year last Thursday we were able to see a couple of very cool sightings. First, we were just leaving the build and a Red Tailed hawk flew right over our heads about fifty feet above us. It was a great look and if that wasn't enough it flew around the building and lit in some trees right across the road. I was able to put a spotting scope on it and all thirty one students got a great close up of a mature Red Tailed Hawk. The other sighting was just a bunch of very common Eurasian Ring Necked Doves that were feeding on the ground by the dairy across the...

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Let the birding begin!

On Thursday, twenty-two seventh graders at Council High School found a site to place the bird feeders and birdbath. The High School has a beautiful community garden and this is where we placed the feeders. While setting up, we heard a Downy Woodpecker. Next week students will start making bird observations at the feeders.

TJCS up and birding

Starting the B3 program today in class- expect postings each Friday :)

Budding scientists

This week the 6th graders have been learning how to be observant scientists.  We've been seeing many birds by our feeders and at first it was difficult for the students to contain their excitement.  Naturally this would scare the birds away so we have been studying how good scientists make observations.  The students have become much more patient and calm around the feeders, which has allowed them to sit much closer to the feeders and create sketches of the birds as they visit.  Overall the students seem excited to start the program and learn more about birds.

We are up and running at Trail Wind!

We filled placed our bird feeders in the outdoor classroom and got them filled on Tuesday! We also added a hummingbird feeder to see if we could draw some hummingbirds in before they migrate. Miss Vicky came on Wednesday, and we learned what special qualities make a bird a bird. She brought a Kestrel, which was a hit with the students. Of course, I forgot to take pictures again, so no uploaded pictures go with this post.

On the second day of school, when I explained how my class gets to participate in the Bird by Bird program, what we get to do, and that we were going on a bird...

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We're Back!

Kuna is back for another year of learning about birds and turning kids into birders even if they don't know it. Today was the first day of Ornithology so we hit the ground running and we went on our first field trip around the school. I wanted to make sure they were able to see some of the common birds that are here through the summer but are on the way south right now. We were able to find two Swainson's hawks and about ten Brewer's Blackbirds. This is going to be a great year!

First Day of School & Lake Ridge Feeders are ready to go.

Today Mrs. Crawford's eagerly set up their bird feeders. Students are eager for the birds to arrive.

House Finch Fledglings

For much of the month of May, a pair of house finch, two male American goldfinch, and a pair of lesser gold finch found morning and evening sustenance at our feeders.  It was a quiet time at our window.  But for the last week, clown-like baby finches, have been shaking their wings and arching their greedy mouths at frantic adults.  Filling the sunflower feeder is a twice a day task.  One of the best additions to our feeding poles is a clamp to attach natural branches.  The babies perch on the twigs by their adults, begging for food.  And we have watched the regurgitation process. We think...

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Kathryn Albertson's Field Trip

Brrrr! It was cold, but the rain held off!  We saw more than 15 different types of birds and learned some new bird facts from Ms. Ware!  We played Migration games, made our name out of nature, and played Birdie Bingo.  We are graphing the birds we saw and each learned something new today!  Great day for birding!