Recent Updates

Bird Walk Rescheduled Because of Weather

We were very disappointed today because our bird walk to Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge was canceled because of the weather. Hopefully we can find a time to reschedule. 

The bird feeders haven't been as busy since spring break, but there are more gold finches visiting the feeders. They are always exciting to see because they are so yellow now. We have also begun to see male red winged black birds at the feeders. We wonder why no female red wings come to the feeder. A white crowned sparrow was found dead by the glass doors near our feeders. We haven't seen them at our feeders so we were...

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News to Catch Up On

We had a few great events in February and March that we need to catch up on writing about. First, our friend Monte came and shared the Golden Eagle named Slim with us and all of our second grade friends. We love learning about birds of prey and seeing them up close. It was awesome when Slim flew across the room. Another fun activity was playing migration games with Mr. Willadsen. We learned that some birds, like the Arctic tern actually migrate north in the winter. We also learned about the hazards birds face when migrating. Then we went to the Discovery Center for a field trip and learned...

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Kestrel Eggs

Today we checked on our two American Kestrel nest boxes. There were no eggs in our front box. We were disappointed because chicks had hatched in that box for the past 3 years. Then we checked the box at the back of the building. There are 6 eggs in that box! This is good news because Starlings had layed their eggs in that box the past 2 years. We are looking forward to seeing the chicks hatch in a few weeks.

Where have all the birds gone?

Ever since coming back from Spring Break we have not seen very many birds at Grace jordan.  Our feeders are full and we've been watching each recess, but with no luck.  The students have hypothesized that the birds have been scared off due to the stinky trees nearby.  These Bradford Pear Trees do have a strong odor.  The squirrels have not been scared off though, they've been  trying to jump from the Bradford Pear Trees to the feeders.  They've had more luck with the ground feeder though.  We will keep watching vigilantly and awaiting the return of our beloved finches and sparrows.  

Numbers have really gone down

We have been noticing the bird numbers as well as variety has really gone down lately. We had a lot of house finches around all winter but now it is rare to see one at the feeder. Monte Tish came out with Slim to talk to the students before spring break and once again blew everyone away. The second day he was here Slim was vocalizing a lot. That made me just a little nervous because when she did it the first time Monte said she usually starts "clucking" the a chicken a lot right before she lays an egg. When she lays and egg he has to get it away from her because all she will do is try to...

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Report by Marissa and Ryhanna

Yesterday Mrs. Coffman taught us the different types of bird nests.  There are many types of nests, such as cup, cavity, man-made, burrow, and many more.  We also made bird feeders and ot bird seed to take home.  The next time Mrs. Coffman comes we will tell her about the birds we will see and she wil even bring a special guest.  We can't wait to see who it is!

Adaptation visit by Ms. Urban

This is Ben from Mr. Franz's class. Today we learned about birds and how they adapt. Adaptation is when an animal is better suites in their enviroment. Sometimes for birds their beaks and feet will change to match their enviroment and previde the right skills. We also learned that more than 1 billion birds die each year in accidents and more than half of that is from windows. We learned about how their are 10,000 species of birds in the whole world and 400 of the species are in Idaho. We also were going through a slide show and learned that the chicken is the closest living animal to the...

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Amazing day on the Greenbelt

Due to sharing a bus with another class, we had an hour to kill at Julia Davis Park before our Wednesday Boise Art Museum tour. Miss Vicky luckily had the morning free and was able to meet us at the park. Miss Vicky, my 27 students, and I strapped on our binoculars and hit the Greenbelt! We had been "on the road" for about two minutes when Miss Vicky heard a Cooper's Hawk. As we listened, we spotted it in a tree. Just as we saw it, it took off from the tree along with its mate AND a Great-horned Owl about which the hawks were not happy! The Cooper's Hawks chased the owl toward the...

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Bird Walk!

We recently had a fun bird walk in the greenbelt!  We saw a Belted Kingfisher and observed him for sometime.  We think we know his favorite tree!  We saw Mute Swans in a pond, gold finches, Canada Geese, and mallard ducks.  The students are now working on bird reports and excited for spring birding!  I hope the greenbelt doesn't flood so we can still take our monthly bird walk!


February Mourning Doves

February was the month of the Mourning Dove for Grace Jordan.  We were able to see so many of these beautiful birds at the ground feeder this month.  Even when the ground was still covered in snow they would visit our school.  Students were amazed that they seemed completely unfazed by the squirrels who would sit right in the ground feeder as they searched for seeds nearby.  We hope to see more Mourning Doves in the future, they are a calm and peaceful bird to watch.