Recent Updates

Momma Duck and Babies

Lake Ridge had exciting visitors today. A momma duck with her babies where spotted in the parking lot. They created quite the excitement. A pair of ducks had been visiting our feeder for a couple of weeks, and we suspected they were nesting somewhere on the school grounds. 

Bird walk to Deer Flat Wildlife

On April 20, Mrs. Crawford fifth grade class went on a bird walk down Tio Lane to Deer Flat National Wildlife area around Lake Lowel. We met Susan Kain their along with  Larry Ridehour and other birding experts. We walked along a path near the lake and spotted lots of red winged black birds, white crowned sparrows, American white pelicans, a red tailed hawk, and some brown headed cowbirds just to name a few. The class also saw a rabbit and several Pacific tree frogs which were fun to see even if they weren't birds.

The bird feeders haven't had as many birds as we had last winter,...

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World Center for Birds of Prey

This is Ben and Karmelle from Mr. Franz's class and we are here to tell you about the feild trip we went on. As a class we went to the World Center for Birds of Prey and learned about falcons. We got to see a rare species called the Alaamadora Falcon. The tour was really fun and we talked about a lot of birds and about their different adaptations. A falcon is a bird with sharp long tallons, a sharp curved beak, and great eyesight. We got to see an alive California Condor, which is a huge bird. It's wingspan can get up to 9 feet which is taller than most of our class. We also learned that...

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Bird Song Heroes

Miss Vicky's visit this month focused on bird song. We talked about the difference between songs and calls, listened to some different birds' songs, and talked about how the syrinx allows birds to make more than one noise at a time. The hit of the visit was the Bird Song Hero interactive on the All About Birds website. The kids were great at identifying which sonogram matched the correct bird's song! One student shared that he had heard two chickadees singing "cheeseburger" to each other in his neighborhood.

Birds of Prey Field Trip

Last Thursday and Friday we had two great field trips to the Morley Nelson Birds of Prey Area. We saw a lot of raptors and even got to see four badgers. The students had a great time seeing the birds that we have been talking about and looking at pictures of. It was really nice to see them in the flesh rather than on the screen. We saw; Swainson's Hawks, a nest of Red tailed Hawks, Northern Harriers, Prairie Falcons, Burrowing Owls, and a lot of smaller birds. Now we are getting ready for the second annual Kuna Wild About Birds Festival. The two ornithology classes at Kuna will host the...

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Mrs. Urban's Visit

This is Karmelle from Mr. Franz's class. Today Ms.Urban came to our class and taught us about Raptors. We learned all of the ways raptors eat, kill prey, their different species and many other things. She told us that there are 450 raptor species and 31 live in Idaho. The main species are eagles, hawks, harries, kites, falcons, vultures, owls, barn owls, and osprey. We also made window protectors to stop one of the most common ways birds die, windows. To make them you take clear shets of tape, cut out any shape you want, and put tissue parer on the stikey side. after you are done you can...

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Hyatt Hidden Lakes

Our class was joined by memeber of the Golden Eagle Audubon Society at Hyatt Hidden Lakes on Thursday.

Between raindrops, our class identified many types of birds that come to the area to enjoy the wetlands. Our group saw dozens of Canada Geese. 

In smaller numbers, they recorded seeing Northern Shovelers, Ruddy Ducks, American Coots, Pied-billed Grebes, Ring-Tailed Ducks and several Lesser Scaups.

We also spied a Swainson's Hawk and a Kestrel. The Song Sparrows created lovely music for our field trip.  Thanks to Miss Forderhase for help and gluidance.


Wild Bird Festival

Just before Spring Break, Our class conducted a "Wild Bird Festival" for our 1st grade classes.

The younger students seemed to really enjoy learning all about birds from the older students.

Students moved through stations including:  Fill the Bill where they learned how different birds have different bills according to what they eat.

Fine Art of Nesting where they learned about different types of nests and created their own and Grizzly Gizzard where they duplicated how birds

digest their food. There was also a Observation Station...

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The Golden Jackets are Nearly Complete

It has been so interesting to watch the American goldfinch boys shed their greys for golds.  Sometime in February we noticed the transition beginning.  We read that only the body feathers are molting at this time of the year, and the beautiful black and white barring on the wings is already fresh and new after an earlier flight feather molt.  Over the spring break we returned to see our golden boys flitting around the feeders, and the lesser goldfinches returned after being gone for some months. Spring is certainly exciting.

March Madness

We had a very busy month of March.  Ms. Ally and Ms. Kristin came in to tell us all about nests.  We then got to go outside and make our own nests.  Check out the pictures below!  We definitely found out how difficult it is and we have hands and opposable thumbs, not a beak!  


We also had Heather from the Intermountain Bird Observatory come out and tell us all about curlews.  We sure love those long-beaked birds!  We have been looking up their names, reading more about the ones they are tracking, and watching the trackers on the interactive map.  We got to email Heather...

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