Recent Updates

Feeders need to be filled daily

Our class usually has to fill the ground and sunflower feeders daily. The quail are the birds that love our ground feeder. House finches clear our sunflower feeder.

Weather Forcast: Bird Storm

Today I went out to the airlock and I saw so many birds I thought it was a bird storm. I told my teacher that there were so many and they were moving around so fast I couldn't count them. She sent out more people to help me count, and I finally got the count and you will not believe this but there were fifty-three birds. I don't believe it but there were thirty- three female house sparrows and three male. Strangly there were only twelve female house finches and four male. I believe the sparrows have found and taken over the feeders. This is your bird reporter Seth signing off. 

Birds at the Feeder and at IBO!

Biology students put out the feeders and birdbath on Wednesday, September 17.  We started getting birds on Monday, September 22.  So far we have seen mourning doves, house sparrows, and squirrels!  The most birds have been observed in the evening around 6 pm (10 hourse finches and 8 mourning doves), all at the feeders!

Six science students went to Intermountain Bird Observatory in Friday, September 26 thanks to Idaho Fish and Game!  They had a great time and were able to see many birds including dark-eyed juncos, ruby-crowned kinglets, spotted tohees, golden-crowned sparrow, white-...

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Birds at Our Feeders!

The cooler weather has brought the finches, sparrows and doves to our dinner table!

Up and Running

It took a couple of trials, but we think we have our feeders in a great spot.  They are near the canal for a water source and within view of our windows for lots of viewing.  Now, to spot those birds.


We have put up full feeders in front of our school, but so far we are only seeing starlings and mourning doves. We have never noticed how many birds there are, until we put up the feeders outside the classroom window. It has been very fun learning to identify different species of birds. :)

-Cassie and Tori

I have never seen so many birds in one place

Today when it was time to watch birds, we got a surprise. There were twenty-two female house finches and four male finches at our feeders and in our bird bath. I wondered why there were so many birds in one place. Then when we went on our walk, we saw ten starlings on a telephone pole and five killdeer near our playground. I guess birds have found our feeder and bath and told their freinds because I have never seen so many birds in one place.  Seth   

Overnight at the Intermountain Bird Observatory

Eleventh grade students spent the last 24 hours in an outdoor classroom at Lucky Peak with IBO.  As part of our unit on ecology, IB Environmental Systems and Societies camped at the bird banding site.  They spent Wednesday evening atop "hawk watch" observing raptors riding thermals, and Sarah released a Sharp-Shinned Hawk lured in by the pigeons harnessed to the hawk blind.  After a hike to identify native plants and collect samples for our nature journals, students waited under a thick blanket of stars for owl-trapping to take place.  At 11:30, owl bander Brittney returned from a net run...

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We filled our feeders today

The feeders that needed to be filled were the ground feeder and the black oil sunflower feeder. The house finches seem to like the black oil sunflower seeds most of all but they also eat from the ground feeder and rarely from the thistle seed feeder.

Bring on the birds!

Mrs. Palazzolo's 4th graders just added seed to our feeders and water to our bird bath in the Outdoor Classroom. We heard quail and saw lots of "little brown birds" which we will be learning to identify. Bring on the birds!