Recent Updates

Filling the Feeders

My class was asked if we could assign a special job to one of our 3rd graders and his buddy to help fill the bird feeders. This is a student with specials needs that has an interest in nature, and he was super enthusiastic about seeing the bird feeders and the bird box. Today I took him and his buddy, along with our school social worker, and showed him how to fill the feeders and which type of bird seed goes into which feeder. On the way out I explained the important things to remember about filling the bird feeders. First, be quiet at the feeders. Second, make sure the right feed goes...

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Bird Banding Under the Bridge!

                             Our class had the opportunity to join Heidi and Jay who are with the   Intermountain Bird Observatory at a site near the Hwy. 21 Bridge to observe and intercept some birds. Our new biologist friends were as excited as we were! This is a new site to mist-net migrating birds and it looks to be                     an excellent area to help determine which species are traveling on this route.  Students helped to identify several Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, Dark-eyed Juncos and a very rare White-crowned Sparrow.                            Thanks to Ms. Forderhase... Read more

Bird Banding

Adams BBB got to go bird banding with the Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO) last Thursday along the Boise River near the Hwy 21 bridge.   IBO set up mist nets and caught a number of birds.   The students enjoyed getting up close to a number of different song birds and watching the bird banding process.

Goldfinches and Geese

The goldfinches (American and lesser) have been devouring the Nyjer thistle.  In addition, several Canada Geese have been stopping by outside our windows to eat the fallen seed from a window feeder I brought to school.  One goose in particular likes to stare in the windows, hoping to learn along with the sixth graders.  The students have named him "George" and have been tracking his movements each day.  George is easy to distinguish as he is missing his foot on one leg.  

Sage bird enthusiasts have formed a small "birding club" that has been meeting once a week during lunch.  This...

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And Then There Were Birds!

On Tuesday the 7th of October, our Environmental Socities and Sciences class went out to the side of the Sage International building and hung up 4 bird feeders. Each of which had a different food to attract the birds. There are two that are hung up outside the Biology window in front of a nesting ground for the House Sparrows. We did this so that we could observe the birds during our class and had data for different times of the day if we so pleased. Today on October the 9th we revisited the site to take count of the birds observed for today. The ESS class saw mainly house sparrows that...

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Predator/Prey Interaction

Our feeders are outside the classroom windows making observations easy. We have been seeing mostly mourning doves, house finches, and house sparrows.  Monday evening there were 20 doves at the feeders.  Tuesday morning at 9:30 am, as I was talking with students, a cooper's hawk swooped down at the doves and took out of the air!  Another teacher saw the hawk take another dove!  This is the third year in a row we have seen a cooper's hawk at the feeder!

World War III has began!!!!!

World War III is already in action. The sparrows also have allies, the quail, and have been sending ambushes. The finches and juncos have responded with a rock dove or a pigeon. The Allies have also allies with the rock doves and are using them as guards. The sparrows and quail didn't come close to the feeders or the birdbath. I think that the Allies are winning the fight and we think that the gold finch might have allied with their cousins but when I saw it what looked like a gold finch it turned out that it wasn't one but we think we have seen some flying. The most suprising piece of...

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The Juncos Have Arrived!!!

This is your bird reporter Seth. There has been some breaking news. Juncos have arrived at our feeder and no sparrows have come close to our feeders. I believe that the juncos have allied with the finches and now it is World War III in the fight for the feeder. I think that the Juncos have brought winter with them which might help the Allies and they might win the fight against the other birds. This is big because the finches were getting beat badly until the juncos came and now World War III has been started, and personally I bet on the Allies. This is your bird reporter Seth signing out...

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