Recent Updates

We filled our feeders today

The feeders that needed to be filled were the ground feeder and the black oil sunflower feeder. The house finches seem to like the black oil sunflower seeds most of all but they also eat from the ground feeder and rarely from the thistle seed feeder.

Bring on the birds!

Mrs. Palazzolo's 4th graders just added seed to our feeders and water to our bird bath in the Outdoor Classroom. We heard quail and saw lots of "little brown birds" which we will be learning to identify. Bring on the birds!

Cats at Feeders

Good for you and your students for finding your furry feeder visitor a new indoor home!  Cats are wonderful pets, but too many cat owners have no idea how lethal their cat can be to the birds, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians in their neighborhood.  Free-ranging domestic cats kill an estimated 1.4 - 3.7 billion birds and 6.9 - 20.7 billion small mammals each year!  Allowing your cat to roam is also dangerous for your pet.  Cats can be killed by predators, cars and unpleasant people as well as get sick or injured.  It is much safer for cats and wildlife alike if cats stay indoors...

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Birds outside the window!

The students have been thoroughly enjoying having the feeders right outside our classroom windows.  Each day the students have been keeping a record of the time and number of birds of each species they see throughout the day right on the window!  So far we have seen Canada geese, mourning doves, black-capped chickadee, American goldfinch, red-breasted nuthatch, lesser goldfinch and house finches at the feeders.  During parent-teacher conferences many parents remarked on how much more observant their children have become as a result of learning about birds.  

We were lucky to have...

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Birds have found our feeder

The class put up our feeders on Wednesday, September 17. We were beginning to wonder where the birds were. The first birds of the season were spotted at our feeder today. Five house finches stopped to feed. Hopefully these birds are the first of many to come.

What to do about cats?

We arrived at school in August to find a very appealing, friendly, hungry cat living right in our bird zone.  We know the neighborhood cats visit during winter, but a resident bird-feeder cat is not desirable.  Our first job this year was to befriend and capture the animal.  It wasn't hard, and after a visit to the vet we learned that this young 2-year old feline was already neutered, but riddled with worms.  She had been living at school for several weeks according to our custodian so we suspect she had left behind by her people.  The cat now has a new family, a new name and lives...

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Lake Ridge Elementary's bird feeders are up.

The students in Mrs. Crawford's fifth grade class have installed our bird feeders and bird bath. We are waiting for our first birds to arrive. Next week students will be learning to identify the house sparrow, house finch, gold finch, rock pigeon, mourning dove, and Eurasian collared dove. Thanks to all the agencies that fund the Bird by Bird progam.

Portland Oregon Represents!

Feeders are up and ready on the Ockley Green campus! We are so excited to represent Oregon in the Bird by Bird program. On Tuesday, September 16th, our two 6th grade classes helped construct and install the feeders. Students were excited to get outside, see the site, and get things established. Thus far, we haven't seen any birds, but we're hoping they find the feeders soon!

Garfield Open House!! Thursday, Sept. 18th 6:00-7;30

Parents will learn about our Bird by Bird Program at open house.  Hopefully with the knowledge of the program, parents will get involved and support their children as future birders!!

Bird Technician Positions

Today many students in our class took home an application for "Bird Technicians". Those qualified applicants will begin working next week.  They will be responsible for feeding and watering our neighborhood birds. They will also be identifying and counting the birds that visit our feeders. I can't wait to see who will qualify for these positions!