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Tips for winter bird feeding

Dark-eyed junco, photo by Mike Morrison

Feeding wild birds is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the U.S. The location of your feeder and what food it offers is very important for attracting birds. To attract a variety of birds, many bird watchers use different types of feeders and foods in several locations.

Here are some suggetions for successful bird feeding:

Place feeders near cover to protect feeding birds from weather and predators, such as free-roaming cats. Move feeders if you notice birds striking windows.

Birds can be particular about what and where they eat. Sparrows, juncos, and... Read more

Students receive a special gift from Wild Birds Unlimited!

A great big THANK YOU to Wild Birds Unlimited, Bird by Bird's financial partner, for generously giving each student their very own bird feeder and seed to encourage bird watching over the winter break. This feeder is a "home version" of equipment the students are using at school.





Sharpie on Campus

Last week I was so excited to be able to observe a sharp shinned hawk attempt to catch one of the birds from our feeder.  The ground and hanging feeders were both full with doves and house finches.  I saw all of the birds flush suddenly, then as I looked up the sharpie took off after one of the finches.  After much aerial maneuvering above the parking lot the finch escaped and the hawk settled in a tree across the street.  Too cool!


3rd grade students have been excited about our bird program.  Each of our 68 3rd graders have been assigned their own Idaho bird.  We have a mystery bird of the week posted in the hall and they are all motivated to learn about birds.  They enjoy filling the feeders and observing what they see. 

Musician Jenn Hajj sings about birds at Anser!

Jenn Hajj, folk singer and biologist from Carlsbad, CA, treated the kindergarten classrooms at Anser to a very special surprise last week. Jenn held a mini concert in which she played her award winning song, "Raptor Bird", a song about the ecology of birds of prey, during the classroom's monthly Bird by Bird visit from facilitator, Deniz. Not only did the children learn about raptors, they learned about why it is important to count migrating birds, the features of falcons, and so much more!  Thanks Jenn for sharing your passion about birds with us!

Did You Know?

The word migration comes from the Latin migratus that means “to change” and refers to how birds change their geographic locations seasonally. Migration peaks in spring and fall, but in reality, there are birds migrating 365 days a year. The actual dates of when birds migrate depends on many factors, including bird species, migration distance, travel speed, route, climate and more.
  Before migrating, many birds enter a state of hyperphagia, where hormone levels compel them to drastically increase their body weight to store fat to use as energy while traveling. Some bird species may as... Read more

Winged adventures await you at the Idaho Bird Observatory!

Did you know there is a great place just outside of Boise where you can experience one of the largest songbird and raptor migrations in the western US? Located on the Boise Ridge, the Idaho Bird Observatory's field site is just a few miles from the heart of downtown Boise. From mid-July through Ocotober biologists capture, band, count thousands of birds during their fall migration. Even those with no experience can visit the field site and enjoy a unique opportunity to observe, handle and learn about birds.

For more information, visit IBO's website.

Getting ready for the 2012-2013 school year!

In just a few short weeks, our 4th school year will get underway! We are excited to have two new schools join the program this year.

We are planning for a fun and educational experience that you will never forget.