Recent Updates

What to do about cats?

We arrived at school in August to find a very appealing, friendly, hungry cat living right in our bird zone.  We know the neighborhood cats visit during winter, but a resident bird-feeder cat is not desirable.  Our first job this year was to befriend and capture the animal.  It wasn't hard, and after a visit to the vet we learned that this young 2-year old feline was already neutered, but riddled with worms.  She had been living at school for several weeks according to our custodian so we suspect she had left behind by her people.  The cat now has a new family, a new name and lives...

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Lake Ridge Elementary's bird feeders are up.

The students in Mrs. Crawford's fifth grade class have installed our bird feeders and bird bath. We are waiting for our first birds to arrive. Next week students will be learning to identify the house sparrow, house finch, gold finch, rock pigeon, mourning dove, and Eurasian collared dove. Thanks to all the agencies that fund the Bird by Bird progam.

Portland Oregon Represents!

Feeders are up and ready on the Ockley Green campus! We are so excited to represent Oregon in the Bird by Bird program. On Tuesday, September 16th, our two 6th grade classes helped construct and install the feeders. Students were excited to get outside, see the site, and get things established. Thus far, we haven't seen any birds, but we're hoping they find the feeders soon!

Garfield Open House!! Thursday, Sept. 18th 6:00-7;30

Parents will learn about our Bird by Bird Program at open house.  Hopefully with the knowledge of the program, parents will get involved and support their children as future birders!!

Bird Technician Positions

Today many students in our class took home an application for "Bird Technicians". Those qualified applicants will begin working next week.  They will be responsible for feeding and watering our neighborhood birds. They will also be identifying and counting the birds that visit our feeders. I can't wait to see who will qualify for these positions!

Welcome to our first "sister school" in Portland, Oregon!!!

Bird by Bird Idaho welcomes our first "sister school" in Portland, Oregon, to the program! Ockley Middle School is going to pilot the program this year with their 6th graders. Thanks to Principal Molly Chun, teacher Sue Peters, facilitators Vanessa Loverti, Nanette Seto, and Laura Newton. Take flight, "Bird by Bird OREGON!"



This is what it is all about

“I want to share the discussion that I had with a parent today with you. A parent of a student who participated in Bird by Bird for the first part of the school year approached me during parent teacher conferences today. She thanked me for introducing her daughter to birds. Since participating in Bird by Bird, her daughter rarely leaves the house without a bird book and binoculars. During family trips short and long, this student is now consistently pointing out the birds around them. She said that her daughter has developed an intense passion for birds. This would not have been possible... Read more


Bird by Bird is so appreciative of the generosity and assistance from Wild Birds Unlimited in Boise. Owners, Julie and Boyd Steele, are very dedicated to the program. So much in fact that Julie is the Bird by Bird facilitator for Star Elementary. Each year WBU donates bird feeders to every Bird by Bird student. This has enabled the students to share their knowledge and love of birds with their families right in their own backyard!  Thank you!



If I had the wings of an eagle....

Students at Garfield Elementary, Sage Charter, and Anser Charter School were treated to a visit by a golden eagle. Monte Tish, from Tish Raptor Rehabilitators, visited the schools to share his knowledge of raptors along with "Slim", a golden eagle that Monte acquired decades ago from Morley Nelson.  Slim has been highlighted in movies and commercials over the years.  Students learned about raptor ecology, falconry and threats to raptors in Idaho.



We were so excited to receive such a generous gift from Julie!  Students are excited to hang there feeders and watch for birds!  Goooooo birders!!