Recent Updates

Chickadees have found the feeder!

Black-capped chickadees have found the feeder at the Ockley Green campus! Hopefully, this means we'll start seeing other birds using the habitat as well. Some pesky squirrels are depleting the sunflower seeds pretty quickly, so we're working on getting another squirrel baffle. 

The location of our habitat is a little tricky, because it is not visible from my classroom. I've encouraged students to take a look at the feeders as they come and go from school. Hopefully they'll start noticing some more action!


Sparrows are continuing to use the feeder by the window, which is helpful because now we will be able to measure them more consistently because we know in general where they will be. Initially, we thought there to be eight of them, and then there was a massive flock found in the bushes near the feeder a minute or two later.    Today, we found a grand total of 2 European Starlings, but we found 8 on Tuesday. They tended to gather across the street in a dead tree.   We had our first encounter with Cedar Waxwings today. There were approximately 4.   There were 5-7 Mourning Doves within the... Read more

Students were excited to show off our feeders to parents

The past two days have been parent teacher conferences at Lake Ridge. The students in my class were very eager to show off our feeders and birds to there parents. The sparrows, finches, and quail cooperated by showing up in large numbers.

Another high point of the week was when the school custodian came by to report that she had been out picking up trash along the fence line and counted 53 quail filing along the fence heading to our feeder. It is no wonder we ran out of quail and dove feed again this week, and I had to make a trip to get more seed. 

There have been several...

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Babies are Back

We are excited to see baby pigeons!  We just hope the geese leave them alone this time!

Birds We Saw

There have been lots of birds in the feeder, so everybody gets up and goes to the window to see what kind of birds they are. We saw ten California Quail on the eigth. The most common bird that comes to the feeder is the American goldfinch, but we sometimes see mourning doves and even a blackbilled magpie there. 

Evelyn Mann

Passenger Pigeon Origami


It was great to meet this year's Highlands 6th great class during our first Bird by Bird visit.  Dane Stevens, from Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, and I introduced the program and covered the 25 bird species the students are most likely to see at school.  I was very impressed that the class already had a great grasp of many of the birds!  I know this will be a great year!

To add a little fun to the first visit, I also introduced the Passenger Pigeon Origami Project by Fold the Flock to the class.  This fun art project is a great way to bring awareness of the Passenger...

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Lower abundance, greater diversity...

This week the skies and trees were a bit less chattery than before, but the diversity in the chirps was far greater.  On October the 16th, my partner Tristan and I went out to see who was flying about, and in only around seven minutes we were privileged to observe five house sparrows fluttering about in the trees and overhead in the skies.  From our count, there was at least two females in that bunch.  Joining the house sparrows in the trees was a singular nuthatch, hopping from branch to branch before flying off.  Though there were a few species of birds we were unable to identify since...

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A Great Day for Birds!

On Thursday just outside our classroom window we were able to see a wide variety of bird species.  In the span of thirty minutes we saw a Northern Flicker, several Black-Capped Chickadees, one Downy Woodpecker, one Red-Breasted Nuthatch, two Dark-eyed Juncoes, three Mourning Doves, a House Finch, approximately ten American Goldfinch.  Who would have guessed that our little feeders would draw in so many birds!  As we headed into the field there was a mixed group of about twenty American Crows and Black-Billed Magpies.  Can't wait to see what winter brings!


The leaves are falling, and the birds are coming. Its really windy outside and the birds like it. The month of october is when i see the birds the most. 

-Christan and Veronica

Visit from Kacey Kai and Susan Kain from Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday Kacey Kai and Susan Kain, our Bird by Bird facilitators from Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, came to visit our class. They shared with the students how to use their available tools when birding. Students were trained on how to use the binoculars, bird books, and the E-flier to help identify bird species. Thank you, Kacey and Susan for your visit. The class is already looking forward to next month's visit.