Recent Updates

Busy Feeders!

The thistle feeder has been bustling with activity this week.  There were several days when American goldfinch were lined up to take a turn feeding.  Today a group of Canade geese dropped by right outside the window, adding another distraction to the already "anxious for break" students.  We have a feeder attached to our classroom window which has been host primarily to house finches.  Chickadees, nuthatches, dark-eyed juncos and mourning doves are still daily visitors.

she is back!

This week the Cooper's hawk has been busy dining on the local birds!  She has eaten several mourning doves and at least one dark-eyed junco!  

Golden Eagle sighting... our classroom.  While we enjoyed lots of songbird activity on our feeders, the highlight of the week was definitely a visit from Slim the Golden Eagle.  Monte Tish brought his beautiful female Golden into our classroom and told engaging stories about raptor rescue and rehabilitation.  Students were enthralled with Slim's big eyes, piercing talons, wide wingspan, and amazing feats of physics (she can fly at speeds up to 120mph!).  We are so grateful for the opportunity to invite Monte in for a visit.  Students who aren't a part of the Bird by Bird classes had the chance to be curious...

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Bird Overload!

Hello bird watchers this is Seth your bird reporter. Our feeders have been overflowing with birds. We are not sure why but they have. We can't believe what we see but it happens and this story is a record and it is even bigger than the bird storm because I can't remeber how many there were. We think it is because of our new feeder that apparently attracts birds and then when they are at our feeders they see stuff that they would rather have, but we can't be sure that this is the reason that this happens. I personally think that the birds there tell their freinds and come back with their...

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Energy for the Cold

We just can't keep those feeders full!  Along with the birds, many squirrels are feasting.  They did a terrific job digging out our ground feeder after the big snow last week.  Sometimes, we see a pair of doves IN the ground feeder...just hanging out, sometimes up to 10 min. Students are wondering: are they resting? Guarding the stash? Hmmm....

Birds Come Up Close!

Hello bird watchers this is your bird reporter Seth with some news for you. Recently we accidently spilled some seed and birds still come close to doors which is where the seeds were spilled and are not even scared. Also a starling landed on our window sill and looked inside so we got to see what a starling looks like. This is amazing because the birds stayed there awail and then finally left which was very cool because you could see how they took off close up. I think that the birds are seeing if we are dangerous or not, but I can't be so sure because that mysteriously never happens at my...

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Increase and Decrease in Numbers!

Hello bird reporter Seth again and I am sorry about me not reporting lately, I was absent. I have a report for you and it is mostly about the goldfinch. They have made their appearance and I personally saw them. They have gone up, but just by three. There have also been more appearances like the starlings and the robin and most suprisingly the magpie. I hope there are more appearances. This is great because we haven't had lots of birds in a while. I'm sorry but I am short on time and this is your bird reporter Seth signing out.

Busy Week for Birds!

This week we have seen many old friencs (mourning doves, house finches, house sparrows, and dark-eyed juncos) and some new ones seen rarely or for the first time.  On Tuesday, 11-11-14, one of the teachers observed a sharp-shinned hawk passing nearby the feeders.  On Wednesday, we observed our first American Kestrel near the feeders and flickers eating elderberries near the feeders!  We had large flocks (40+) of mourning doves and juncos (15+) at the feeders especially around 8 am in the morning and around 5 pm.  It could be a "Big" year!

Snow Birds

The birds "flocked" to our feeders today.  Dark-eyed juncos, American goldfinch, a red-breasted nuthatch, house finches and mourning doves gathered outside our windows and on the feeders just out of the snow.  It was hard to keep the students focused on the lesson rather than the birds outside the window!