Recent Updates

Great Blue Herons!

Riverside 1st graders took a bird walk on the greenbelt today!  They were very excited to see the Great Blue Heron Nests!  The herons were flying to and from the river, and you could see them nesting!  Very fun!  We have been working on learning different heights of birds and measuring them with base ten blocks!  We love birding!

Bird Beak Activities with Susan Kain

Susan Kain came to visit our class last week and talked about how bird beaks are adapted to the food they eat. We then participated in several activities to model bird beaks. Thank you Susan for your visit. We had fun and learned a lot about bird adaptations.

A Visit From Giffin: A Swainson's Hawk by Lydia

Mr. Evans visited us on Tuesday, December 12th. He brought with him a Swainson's Hawk  and her name is Griffin. Griffin is ten years old and was abandoned by her parents when she was a chick. She thinks people are her parents and this means it’s better not for her to mate with another bird.


Griffin’s diet is mostly grasshoppers and other bugs. This means Swainson’s Hawks have to migrate south for the winter so they can eat but if they leave late there won’t be many grasshoppers left. But Griffin stays at  The World Center for Birds of Prey all the time...

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We had an opportunity to learn about migration with Mr. Willadsen. He taught us how to play a game in which we learned that some animals migrate in a different direction than you might think. They migrate toward their food in order to survive. Also, birds can run into obstacles when migrating, such as predators, pollution, weather, power lines, and airplanes. 

Double dose of birds

Miss Vicky came to our room on Thursday and talked to the students about flight and how birds fly. This dovetailed (ha! a pun!) nicely with the Forces of Flight unit we did during first semester before our field trip to the Gowen Air Show. It was a good week for bird-learning because a Trail Wind volunteer had scheduled a visit by the World Center for Birds of Prey. We got to see a Eurasian Eagle Owl, an Aplomado Falcon (so amazingly beautiful---I'd never seen one before!), and a Golden Eagle. What a treat!

Bird By Bird

Today was a very warm day. We saw a ton of House Finches. There was no other birds beside the House Finches. The were eating at the bird feeders, flying by, and perched on the trees. There was very little wind and it is was sunny. We did not expect much birds.

*December Post

In December we wrapped up the final edits of our bird essays.  The students worked hard to create a polished final product.  Each student researched a different bird and examined ways that it has adapted to be successful.  We also had a visit from Mrs. Coffman.  She talked to us about bird calls and songs.  The students were surprised to hear many familiar songs during her lesson.  They will use this knowledge to more accurately identify birds at our feeders.  Speaking of which, they are up and ready to go for the next month!

December News

We had an amazing visit from Mr. W and his friend Cori on December 1st. Cori shared a Great Horned Owl and a Swainson's Hawk with us. We learned a lot about the adaptations of raptors and got a close up look at the features of these birds of prey. They even inspired our classroom holiday door. When Mr. W returned, everyone made a pine cone bird feeder to hang up outside. Mr. W challenged students to keep a log of birds seen at the feeders over the break.

1st Grade Bird Walk! ...(Late Post)

Riverside first graders took a bird walk on the greenbelt on Dec. 20th!  It was COLD, but the students were so excited to get out of the classroom and look for birds.  We received more pairs of binoculars and everyone had a pair to observe birds! Thanks Ms. D.!!  We heard a Belted Kingfisher and then saw him!  We walked down to see the Mute Swans.  Students recognized geese, ducks, and song birds.  I was excited when they didn't know a specific bird they were happy to try and find it in their Idaho Field Guides.  We identified every bird we saw!  

We have also made a connection with...

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Christmas for the Birds!

Council Expoloring Science students did their own “Christmas Bird Count on Thursday, December 14, 2017. They spent a class period counting and identifying bird along the Weiser River Trail. One group of students observed a great blue heron at the pond! Students also observed black-capped chickadees, California quail,and housesparrows.

A week later, students made 3 bird feeders to feed the birds at Christmas break. They made a deluxe feeder out of recycled plastic bottles, baling twine, and willow sticks; a pine cone feeder smeared with lard and rolled in bird seeds; and a thistle “...

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