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Mrs.Urban's Visit

Hi, this is Jane and Grace and last Wednesday Mrs.Urban came to Mr. Franz’s class at Highlands Elementary to talk to us about birds. She taught us about different types of birds and their adaptations. One type of bird was called a California quail that has a top-knot. Another type of bird is called a House Finch. A house finch is brown and white with streaks. Also, there’s a bird called the Red-Winged Black Bird. A Red-Winged BlackBird comes to the feeders in the winter time. One of our favorites that Mrs.Urban talked about is called the Anna’s Hummingbird which are beautiful...

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Bird Banding!

RIverside 1st graders had a great time bird banding!  We caught: 2 white crowned sparrows, 1 warbling vireo, and 1 yellow warbler.  The kids were very excited and this field trip really "kick started" our birding! Only one wasp sting, one lost water bottle, one fall, 42 goat heads removed, 4 birds banded, 21 happy first graders, and one tired teacher!  Thanks Ms. Heidi for the great experience!


Bird Observations Week 3

Ten students observed birds today in the Community Garden at two separate times (3:05-3:20 and 3:25-3:40).  Students observed and identified 3 species: American Goldfinch, California quail, and Black-capped Chickadees.  Here are some of the students’ comments today:  

I thought that it was interesting that some American Goldfinches stayed at the feeders, even though we were close.”

What I found interesting was how many birds there were.

They were pretty.

I found it interesting that the birds are out in...

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Class Pollinator Garden

Mrs. Crawford’s Class Passion Project

Reported by Megan B


         This year Mrs. Crawford’s class decided to plant a pollinator garden as our fall passion project. Our goal was to improve the way our school looks and also attract birds, bees, and butterflies. We decided to plant the flower bed next to the fifth-grade door on the east end of the school building.

         The first day we began to get the area ready to garden. We removed the bark chips and weed barrier. Then the next day we...

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Those Stealing Birds

I have commented several times about how nice it is to be able to teach about birds at Kuna High School. It being a rural school like it is increases the chance of seeing some really fun and amazing things. Like all other schools though sometimes we witness crimes. What kind of crimes you ask, STEALING! Yesterday we started out on a field trip to the hay field across the street. We were are at our staging area right in front of the school when it happened. Up in the sky a student noticed a Swainson's Hawk it was in a stoop with it wings folded and diving at a 45 degree angle to the hay...

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Friday 9/8

Today we got to go outside to observe birds. It was sunny and warm. There was a total of 40 birds fying aorund.

Thursday Birding Week 2

The seventh grade "Exploring Science" students made three 15 minute observations today at the bird feeders! Each group observed and identified American Goldfinches and California Quail. One group recorded 11 goldfinches at the feeders at one time. In class, each student has select a local bird to learn about and present that information to their classmates! Until next week, happy birding:)

Riverside has been up and birding!!

The 1st graders are so exctied to learn more about birds.  We've only seen on female Mallard at our ground feeder and a squirrel draining seed feeder!  We will soon go on our first field trip to band some birds.  We took our pretest and we are now learning what exactly is a bird??  We will start our interactive bird notebooks on Tuesday.  Looking forward to another great year of birding with kids!

Second Field Trip

On our second field trip of the new year last Thursday we were able to see a couple of very cool sightings. First, we were just leaving the build and a Red Tailed hawk flew right over our heads about fifty feet above us. It was a great look and if that wasn't enough it flew around the building and lit in some trees right across the road. I was able to put a spotting scope on it and all thirty one students got a great close up of a mature Red Tailed Hawk. The other sighting was just a bunch of very common Eurasian Ring Necked Doves that were feeding on the ground by the dairy across the...

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Let the birding begin!

On Thursday, twenty-two seventh graders at Council High School found a site to place the bird feeders and birdbath. The High School has a beautiful community garden and this is where we placed the feeders. While setting up, we heard a Downy Woodpecker. Next week students will start making bird observations at the feeders.