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Birds of Prey Field Trip by Addie and Madeline

By Madeline & Addie

We took a field trip to the World Center for Birds of Prey! First, Mr. evans showed us a kestrel falcon. Mr.Evans was making her do tricks. The kestrel’s name is Penny. Penny was flying all over the room and she was eating a mouse. Sadly penny had to leave. Then we went into groups and we got to see some other types of birds. First, we got to  see the outdoor birds including a bald eagle, turkey vulture, gyrfalcon, and california condor. Next, we  went inside and we got to learn about different types of...

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The Great Backyard Bird Count in Kuna

What an exciting afternoon! Today was an official vacation day for students but three of them came to school on there day off to take part in our first official Great Backyard Bird Count. It was started in 1998 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society and was meant for people to be involved in a citizen-science project that collects data on wild birds. This was a great way for me to involve students in the ornithology in a real science project. I was so thrilled that three kids showed up I just kept thanking them for coming. One of them asked me, "how many kids did...

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We learned about bird eggs at our monthly presentation! Miss Vicky had a very cool PowerPoint with images of different birds, nests, and eggs. Students had fun dissecting hard-boiled eggs to look at the different parts of an egg. Miss Vicky shared many interesting facts about egg coloration, egg shape, and bird development.

A Charm of Finches

Today we saw a charm of finches. One of our members was watching a game show and the question was what is a flock of finches called and the answer was a charm. We also have been sighting predators. Today two of our members were observing the charm of finches when suddenly a Cooper's Hawk swooped down into their line of vision and all of the finches scatered. A week ago we also saw a cat that was stalking the birds. A week ago that time we also saw another cat which was stalking the birds as well. Also, last Thursday a Cooper's Hawk was seen perched on a lamp post near our school. It had...

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Mrs.Urbans Migration visit!!!

Hello! This is Paige and Grace! Mrs.Urban migrated to our classroom on Monday! She taught us about how birds migrate. We learned that not all birds migrate and some only partially migrate. Sometimes, when birds migrate, they have difficult weather that can blow them to the shore. There are several other obstacles that these birds have to go through like storms, finding food and other predators. They also have ts deal with going back the their home finding it replaced with a parking lot, a building, or other type of developement. After learning about all these birds we  played a migration...

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January Visit

Where did this month go!?! Mrs. Hugo came in and taught us about bird migration. The students learned that birds migrate for more reasons than just to get warm. I love to hear all the questions my students ask about birds and how excited they get to learn new things! Mrs. Hugo is awesome!


Ms. Forderhase brought an old friend into class on Friday! His name is Merlin and he is a Great Horned Owl.

He was found many years ago near a road, having suffered from a broken wing. His wing is still a little droopy, but Ms. F said the he can

fly up to his perch from the floor-about 3-4 feet. He has enormous talons. If he was in the wild, he would use them to capture his food. He has no eye muscles because his

skull is very small. He can rotate his head about 270*. We all enjoyed meeting him, and I think he kind of liked us too!

January Post

This month we did not see nearly as many birds as we have in previous months.  We only had to fill the bird feeders up a few times.  Hopefully we will see more birds at our school as the weather warms up.  We did have a very exciting visit from Ms. Coffman and Little Hawk, who is a Swainson Hawk.  Little Hawk got a little excited at first and tried to jump away, but after awhile Little Hawk calmed down and we were able to look closely at this beautiful bird.  We've also been studying Newton's Laws in science and we made some connections with the the laws and how birds fly.  

The start of the second season

We just started the new semester two weeks ago and that means we get a whole new crop of ornithology students. It is a lot of fun hearing from one student that they are taking the class because a friend of theirs did or they will tell me their friend took the class last year and now they are really annoying because they are always pointing out birds. Even though the students are new and enthusiastic for the most part sometimes I need a little reminder about how important this could be for some kids. I was reminded of that last Thursday. There was a report of a snowy owl being sighted out...

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Birds of Winter

Mr. Willadsen was here to teach us about birds we might see more often during the winter in our area. We also had the opportunity to go bird-watching. We're getting better at taking our time and moving slowly and quietly. We are becoming better observers. We learned that scientists have to pay attention to details, and we practiced sketching the birds we learned about.