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House Finch Fledglings

For much of the month of May, a pair of house finch, two male American goldfinch, and a pair of lesser gold finch found morning and evening sustenance at our feeders.  It was a quiet time at our window.  But for the last week, clown-like baby finches, have been shaking their wings and arching their greedy mouths at frantic adults.  Filling the sunflower feeder is a twice a day task.  One of the best additions to our feeding poles is a clamp to attach natural branches.  The babies perch on the twigs by their adults, begging for food.  And we have watched the regurgitation process. We think...

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Kathryn Albertson's Field Trip

Brrrr! It was cold, but the rain held off!  We saw more than 15 different types of birds and learned some new bird facts from Ms. Ware!  We played Migration games, made our name out of nature, and played Birdie Bingo.  We are graphing the birds we saw and each learned something new today!  Great day for birding!

Spring has sprung!

May 17, 2017

It's been another very busy month in Lower Montessori and spring has sprung!  Both Upper and Lower Montessori painted curlews and had so much fun.  We can't wait to see the flock!

With our facilitators, Ally and Kristin, we tried a second year at hatching chicks. This year we had one sweet little yellow "guy" hatch, but he died a day later.  The kids had so much fun that first day watching him dry off and wobble around in the incubator.  

Two days later another little "guy" hatched! Yayy!  We were pretty nervous to see if he would survive...

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Second Annual Kuna High School Bird Festival

Friday May 5th the first graders from Crimson Point Elementary came over the the high school for the second annual bird festival. The ornithology classes put the festival on, student groups of 3 or 4 took first grade students through games that were fun but also taught a lot about birds. We also had two falconers join us with their birds, a kestrel and prairie falcon. As you can see from the photos the falcons were a big hit. The festival went very well and I am very proud of all my students.

Beautiful day on the river

Our class hit the jackpot in the weather lottery for our birding field trip! Jackets were optional yesterday morning as we arrived at the Boise River and met Miss Heidi and Miss Vicky. Due to the flooding, we couldn't band birds, but we saw vultures, flicker, heron, geese, seagulls, cowbirds, ravens, and other birds. We learned more about bird song and sonagrams, listened to bird song, and created our own sonagrams from environmental sounds. We even had a wren answer when Miss Heidi played wren song. Miss Heidi also showed us her trail cameras, and the kids got to see what kinds of...

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Momma Duck and Babies

Lake Ridge had exciting visitors today. A momma duck with her babies where spotted in the parking lot. They created quite the excitement. A pair of ducks had been visiting our feeder for a couple of weeks, and we suspected they were nesting somewhere on the school grounds. 

Bird walk to Deer Flat Wildlife

On April 20, Mrs. Crawford fifth grade class went on a bird walk down Tio Lane to Deer Flat National Wildlife area around Lake Lowel. We met Susan Kain their along with  Larry Ridehour and other birding experts. We walked along a path near the lake and spotted lots of red winged black birds, white crowned sparrows, American white pelicans, a red tailed hawk, and some brown headed cowbirds just to name a few. The class also saw a rabbit and several Pacific tree frogs which were fun to see even if they weren't birds.

The bird feeders haven't had as many birds as we had last winter,...

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World Center for Birds of Prey

This is Ben and Karmelle from Mr. Franz's class and we are here to tell you about the feild trip we went on. As a class we went to the World Center for Birds of Prey and learned about falcons. We got to see a rare species called the Alaamadora Falcon. The tour was really fun and we talked about a lot of birds and about their different adaptations. A falcon is a bird with sharp long tallons, a sharp curved beak, and great eyesight. We got to see an alive California Condor, which is a huge bird. It's wingspan can get up to 9 feet which is taller than most of our class. We also learned that...

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Bird Song Heroes

Miss Vicky's visit this month focused on bird song. We talked about the difference between songs and calls, listened to some different birds' songs, and talked about how the syrinx allows birds to make more than one noise at a time. The hit of the visit was the Bird Song Hero interactive on the All About Birds website. The kids were great at identifying which sonogram matched the correct bird's song! One student shared that he had heard two chickadees singing "cheeseburger" to each other in his neighborhood.

Birds of Prey Field Trip

Last Thursday and Friday we had two great field trips to the Morley Nelson Birds of Prey Area. We saw a lot of raptors and even got to see four badgers. The students had a great time seeing the birds that we have been talking about and looking at pictures of. It was really nice to see them in the flesh rather than on the screen. We saw; Swainson's Hawks, a nest of Red tailed Hawks, Northern Harriers, Prairie Falcons, Burrowing Owls, and a lot of smaller birds. Now we are getting ready for the second annual Kuna Wild About Birds Festival. The two ornithology classes at Kuna will host the...

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