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Birding with kids!

We can't wait to start birding!

I Can't believe the year is over already.

This year has flown by! It seems like about a month ago that I was putting the feeders up in the trees. This semester I have witnessed something I never thougt I would ever see. Especially in Kuna or Idaho. I mentioned last month about the book we have been reading this semester, "The Genius of Birds" by Jennifer Ackerman. If you haven't read this book I highly recommend it. There are so many fasinating stories about bird behavior in it that it is impossible to read it and not be completely wowed and amazed with birds and their ability to problem solve. The species most dominately covered...

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The birds

When we were observing birds, we were being educated in amny ways. As we observed all the different types of birds, i am nw, after the yeasr of observing birds, am able to identify a bird quite easily. But now that the year is coming to an end, i am going to be quite sad that I am not going to have a chance to observe birds. But this year will be rememberd by me and the rest of my class amtes, thatnk you so much.

Lovin' the birds!

With all the test review and fourth quarter craziness, we haven't gotten outside as much as I'd like. Just to touch base, I asked the class, "What birds have you been seeing?" In a sight to warm a birder's heart, pretty much all 29 hands immediately shot into the air. Everybody had a sighting or story to share and was enthused about doing so. Kids had been listening to birds, seeing new birds (Killdeer, Great Blue Heron), and talking about birds. They all agreed that they are definitely teaching their families about birds and are considered the bird experts at home!

April Birds!

Students are so excited to bird watch at home!  They are coming to school and diving right into their bird books to identify a bird they have spotted on the way to school.  Parents are having play dates with their kids and taking them on bird walks as one of the play time activities!  So awesome to see the kids and parents embrace this program!

April Post

We have been waiting patiently for our birds to come back to our feeders but they have not made much of a return.  For a while we were seeing a few mourning doves every morning, but our sparrows and finches are nowhere to be found.  Today we were visited by a conspiracy of ravens in our courtyard.  It was exciting to see them descend on the lawn.  In class we have been making paper mache birds.  We started by researching the dimensions of our bird so that we could make accurate models.  So far we have a peregrine falcon, a bard owl, and several other birds of prey.  We are excited to go on...

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Spring Birding

We've been seeing a lot more birds with the warmer weather. It's been fun to watch the mating pairs of ducks in the canal work to find safe places for their nests. There is a barn cat nearby that stalks around and makes it seem dangerous to lay eggs there. We've also been watching a Mourning Dove nest with two small white eggs in it. We are looking forward to seeing them all hatch. Our Kestrel boxes don't have any signs of activity yet. We hope that some Kestrels return to nest here soon. 

Babies already

Today we went on a short walk around the neighorhood today just to see what might be around that we haven't seen yet. We saw a killdeer by the dairy across the street and she was sitting ontop of a mound of manure. One of the kids said, "it looks she's sitting on something". We looked closer and the killdeer stood up and two babies ran out from under her chest and she ran the oppisite direction trying to draw our attention away. We also walked down to the red tailed hawk to see how the babies there are doing. There are three in the nest that can be seen all the time. They are twice the...

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Lake Ridge Pollinator Garden is in Full Bloom

Spring has arrived at Lake Ridge and  the pollinator garden Mrs. Crawford's class planted last fall is now in bloom. The tulips and dafodiles are almost done blooming, but the day lilies and salvia has just starting to bud up. A few honeybees have been seen on the flowers in the garden. The first grade students are starting their study of butterflies, and the 5th grade students will be visiting their classrooms to explain the importance of planting flowers for bees, butterflies, and other pollintators.

The red winged black birds are frequent visitors to our feeders. The gold finches...

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Nesting Bird Boxes

The Council Exploring Science students placed 10 bluebird nesting boxes along the Weiser River Trail near the school.  They have checked them once a week for 3 weeks.  Currently, no birds are using them.  The students will continue to check through May and report the data to Nestwatch sponsored by Cornell Lab of Ornithology.