Welcome to the Idaho Bird by Bird Program!

We believe bird feeding and watching are perfect means for connecting our youth with nature, which has many life-long benefits.

We also know that birding instills a healthy respect for our natural resources, ultimately leading to strong sense of place, stewardship of habitats, and dedication to wildlife heritage.

That is why we created an educational program called “Bird by Bird.”

Birds observed in the last 30 days

Bird Song Heroes

Miss Vicky's visit this month focused on bird song. We talked about the difference between songs and calls, listened to some different birds' songs, and talked about how the syrinx allows birds to make more than one noise at a time. The hit of the visit was the Bird Song Hero interactive on the All About Birds website. The kids were great at identifying which sonogram matched the correct bird's song! One student shared that he had heard two chickadees singing "cheeseburger" to each other in his neighborhood.

Birds of Prey Field Trip

Last Thursday and Friday we had two great field trips to the Morley Nelson Birds of Prey Area. We saw a lot of raptors and even got to see four badgers. The students had a great time seeing the birds that we have been talking about and looking at pictures of. It was really nice to see them in the flesh rather than on the screen. We saw; Swainson's Hawks, a nest of Red tailed Hawks, Northern Harriers, Prairie Falcons, Burrowing Owls, and a lot of smaller birds. Now we are getting ready for the second annual Kuna Wild About Birds Festival. The two ornithology classes at Kuna will host the...

Mrs. Urban's Visit

This is Karmelle from Mr. Franz's class. Today Ms.Urban came to our class and taught us about Raptors. We learned all of the ways raptors eat, kill prey, their different species and many other things. She told us that there are 450 raptor species and 31 live in Idaho. The main species are eagles, hawks, harries, kites, falcons, vultures, owls, barn owls, and osprey. We also made window protectors to stop one of the most common ways birds die, windows. To make them you take clear shets of tape, cut out any shape you want, and put tissue parer on the stikey side. after you are done you can...

Bird by Bird

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