Welcome to the Idaho Bird by Bird Program!

We believe bird feeding and watching are perfect means for connecting our youth with nature, which has many life-long benefits.

We also know that birding instills a healthy respect for our natural resources, ultimately leading to strong sense of place, stewardship of habitats, and dedication to wildlife heritage.

That is why we created an educational program called “Bird by Bird.”

Birds observed in the last 30 days

Thank you Heather and Heidi

Heidi and Heather:Thank you both for all you have done for our students.  We are working on our curlew posters for the fences.  Curlews are a big topic in our 6th grade classes.  We are so sad that the trackers near the mall were just Jay testing old ones, and not urban curlews!  We were about to take a field trip!  Your willingness to take Rowan and his Mom out to the farm was outstanding.  Rowan returned to school and told us so many interesting things.  He was on fire about the male curlew territorial behaviors.  We heard about the burrowing owl, the...


The outdoor classroom was almost completely devoid of birds on Tuesday (one lonely Lesser Goldfinch!), so we decided to go walkabout. We ended up seeing two crows fly by, land on school grounds, and start cawing. Right after that, two Cooper's Hawks were spotted soaring around the cul-de-sac across the street. On the way into the building, a male robin kindly landed in a tree by the front door. All in all, some different birds than we usually see at the outdoor classroom!Students also became Bird Song Heroes at Miss Vicky's Wednesday visit. They scored 90% on Ultimate Bird Song Hero! Luckily...

Ollie & Nesting! By Maryn, Elliemae and Veda

By Maryn, Elliemae ,and Veda Last week, Mr.Evan’s visited Hidden Springs Elementary and he brought Ollie the Milky Eagle-Owl to our school. The Milky eagle-Own is from Africa. Ollie is nine weeks old. When Mr. Evans was here he feed Ollie quail...dead quail! Ollie appeared to really enjoy the qual.Next, Mr.Evans talked about how birds nest and that birds really don’t live in nests, they just lay their  eggs in the nest. Birds actually live in idents on cliff sides, holes in trees, inside cacti, and sometimes just on the ground surrounded by tall grass. Birds do not need to sleep in...

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