Welcome to the Idaho Bird by Bird Program!

We believe bird feeding and watching are perfect means for connecting our youth with nature, which has many life-long benefits.

We also know that birding instills a healthy respect for our natural resources, ultimately leading to strong sense of place, stewardship of habitats, and dedication to wildlife heritage.

That is why we created an educational program called “Bird by Bird.”

Birds observed in the last 30 days

Fill the Bill

Today, we investigated the Fill the Bill activity that I borrowed from Fish and Game. Kids got to use different tools that simulated bird bills to figure out which bill shapes are effective for which food types. We had a good time testing out the "bills!" After, we looked at an online site with different birds/bills: http://www.vtaide.com/png/bird-adaptations3.htm. Even before the website, the kids could think of lots of examples of birds with certain bill types. One young lady even named Purple Martins as birds that use a big, gaping mouth as their "tool" to catch flying...

Spring is Here!!!!

Hello! It is Paige, Grace, and JANE! That's right us AGAIN! When Mrs. Urban visted us on Monday, March 12th, she talked to us about birds in the spring. She told us about the different ways that birds find their mate and make/find their nests. To find a mate, birds will sing, dance, and we learned abou the Manakin bird which, dances and slides along a branch like Micheal Jackson. We also learned about the Lyrebird can imitate sounds that he has heard from other birds and also machines. We also learned about egg adaptions and baby birds. We all now know what to do if we see a young bird...

Bird By Bird

Today there were many birds outside. Especially on the feeders. There were at least 30 birds outside. Most of them were House finches. It was pretty nice outside so that's probably why there were so many birds. 

Bird by Bird

Educating children one bird at a time!

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