Welcome to the Idaho Bird by Bird Program!

We believe bird feeding and watching are perfect means for connecting our youth with nature, which has many life-long benefits.

We also know that birding instills a healthy respect for our natural resources, ultimately leading to strong sense of place, stewardship of habitats, and dedication to wildlife heritage.

That is why we created an educational program called “Bird by Bird.”

Birds observed in the last 30 days

The birds

When we were observing birds, we were being educated in amny ways. As we observed all the different types of birds, i am nw, after the yeasr of observing birds, am able to identify a bird quite easily. But now that the year is coming to an end, i am going to be quite sad that I am not going to have a chance to observe birds. But this year will be rememberd by me and the rest of my class amtes, thatnk you so much.

Lovin' the birds!

With all the test review and fourth quarter craziness, we haven't gotten outside as much as I'd like. Just to touch base, I asked the class, "What birds have you been seeing?" In a sight to warm a birder's heart, pretty much all 29 hands immediately shot into the air. Everybody had a sighting or story to share and was enthused about doing so. Kids had been listening to birds, seeing new birds (Killdeer, Great Blue Heron), and talking about birds. They all agreed that they are definitely teaching their families about birds and are considered the bird experts at home!

April Birds!

Students are so excited to bird watch at home!  They are coming to school and diving right into their bird books to identify a bird they have spotted on the way to school.  Parents are having play dates with their kids and taking them on bird walks as one of the play time activities!  So awesome to see the kids and parents embrace this program!

Bird by Bird

Educating children one bird at a time!

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